Our new Master Creator Kit video is here!

A family day at the beach is even more fun if you bring some Infento rides. Check out our hot-off-the-press video of the Master Creator Kit!  See a pack of kids cruising their rides on the boulevard. And why not try to conquer some sand as well? Let’s see if they can […]

An Infento Youtube Star is born

In this fancy studio we produce our How To Videos that we just launched on our website and on YouTube itself. So who is the new star? Well, he’s enthusiastic, he’s smart and he knows… how to build and create with Infento! Meet Kay. Our own Master Chef of Infento recipes. The Dexter of the […]

Yihaw! 50,000 followers on Facebook!

It’s time to celebrate. Why? We have more than 50,000 followers on Facebook! Before we celebrate this with 5 cheeky kids, let’s throw you some fun facts about 50,000. Any idea how long it takes to count to 50,000?? This would take you about 13 hours, 53 minutes and 20 […]

A girl, a little lamb and her Infento kit

Today we want to share an uplifting video with you to celebrate spring. Spring is the time where your kids can finally play outside again and enjoy all the fantastic things of being outdoors! In this beautiful period the hemisphere begins to warm significantly, causing new plant growth to “spring […]

Be inspired by the video of our new ride

Hey there Infento amigo! The #InfentoContest is going very well. We almost received 100 suggestions already to name our new Junior Kit ride! We made some first test runs with the lovely little people that can ride this vehicle and trust us, your kids will love this one :-). Here are […]

An international jury of 42 experts and… Infento

Hey there Infento enthusiast! 07:00 AM, Friday. Four members of Team Infento got into their car and drove to the airport to catch a plane to Frankfurt, Germany. Were these early birds going to catch a sandwich with a famous Frankfurter Würstchen? Nope. Visiting the Frankfurter Buchmesse to browse through […]

A big thank you from us!

Our campaign just ended. We are blowing of steam here at Infento HQ at the moment. What an exhilarating ride it has been! We reached our goal of $50,000 very quickly, so we didn’t have the stress if our project would make it or not. But we sure didn’t expect […]

Wowww, our video went viral: 14,000,000+ views ?

Hey, let’s get ready for some viral vibes!   Dear Infento aficionado, Infento went viral on the internet. We went what? Viral! We call something viral when it is quickly and widely spread by for instance Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. This is the mysterious and marvellous effect the internet can […]

Heavy snowfall around the world… let’s have some fun :-)

Snow outside? Great! It looks like winter is finally rearing its head around the world. The winter storm that socked the Southeast of the US now has moved up to the East Coast. The National Weather Service predicts the storm could drop a foot of snow in Boston, two feet […]

1,500 new Kits, an Infento red Ferrari and more…

Hi there, Infento supporter! We have some very exciting news to share in this newsletter. We have been very busy ramping up production and now 1,500 lucky people get the opportunity to reap the fruits of our labour. We also have some other cool stuff to share. Here’s today’s menu: […]