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06 Jul

Inflate and Test Instructions for Your 8-Inch Tires

Dear Infento Enthusiast,

As a recent addition to our community, we understand you might have questions regarding the large 8-inch pneumatic tires included in your Infento kit. We’ve noted that some customers experienced punctures initially and we’re here to guide you on how to prevent such incidents, ensuring a seamless Infento experience.

Here are some essential guidelines to maintain your pneumatic tires:

  1. Ensure the inner tube isn’t lodged between the tire and rim
  2. Inflate the tire to a maximum of 2 bar / 30 psi
  3. Remember, exposure to sunlight can cause increased tire pressure

Let’s delve a bit deeper into these points.

While riding your Infento vehicle, there’s always a small risk of tire puncture due to obstacles or sharp objects (nails, glass shards) on the path, or if the vehicle’s load exceeds our recommended weight limit.

Moreover, punctures could occur when the vehicle is stationary if the tire is overinflated, or if the inner tube gets trapped between the rim and outer tire. Overinflation could potentially damage both the inner tube and rim, hence caution is advised.

To avoid these pitfalls, especially if you’ve already constructed a vehicle with our 8-inch wheels, we advise routinely checking the tire pressure. Even without a previous puncture incident, it’s beneficial to follow our guidelines to preemptively avoid future tire damage.

Here are some practical tips to maintain your tires:

  1. Check the inner tube position: When initially inflating your tire, add a modest amount of air (around 3-4 pump actions) and then inspect the tire on both sides. Ensure the inner tube isn’t trapped between the rim and the tire. If the inner tube is visible, simply push it back into the outer tire.

2. Inflate to the optimal pressure: Keep your tire pressure no higher than 2 bar / 30 psi. If you don’t have a pump with a pressure gauge, aim for a level where you can press the outer tire inward about 13 mm / 1/2 inch using both thumbs. We’ve also created a helpful video demonstrating the correct inflation technique.

Put a maximum of 2 bar / 30 psi of air in the inner tube
When you pump the tire, please don’t inflate it any harder than 2 bar / 30 psi:

If you don’t have a pump with a bar/psi meter then you can pump it to the level where you can quite easily press the outer tire inwards for around 13 mm / 1/2 inch with your two thumbs. 

3. Mind the temperature: Tires can heat up in direct sunlight, leading to an increase in tire pressure (by 10 to 20%). High pressure can result in irregular tire wear and an increased risk of punctures. Therefore, to maximize tire life, keep your air pressure below 2 bar / 30 psi.

Remember to routinely check your tire pressure to account for changes over time, fluctuating ambient temperatures, or slow leaks from small punctures. If your Infento ride has been used extensively, you might find that tire pressure has dropped. In such cases, inflate the tire to the recommended pressure.

In summary, before your family sets off on your big-wheeled Infento vehicle, conduct a swift tire pressure check and adjust as necessary following the guidelines above.

Once these checks are done, you are ready to go!