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Modular Magic at your School

Infento brings engineering to life

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Infento in action

Is the new Elon Musk at your school?

Infento enables students to build technical constructions, and life-size vehicles that they can actually ride. A unique concept that is not only educational, but also lots of fun!

Bring science and engineering to life with Infento!

Inquiry-based learning at its best
Inspires students to choose engineering
Perfect for students in elementary, middle and high schools
Autonomous learning with clear instructions
Teaches students important 21st century skills
Super durable materials, for years of use
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Inquiry-based learning

Infento has developed special Design Challenges that are perfectly in line with the methods of inquiry-based learning. Students can really build and create anything they imagine!

21st century skills and Infento

To prepare children for a future in our quickly changing society, it is import to give 21st century skills a prominent role at your school. Infento stimulates the development of 7 of these skills, in an inspiring way.

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