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Bring engineering to life with Infento

Build life-sized (electric) vehicles together and many other super cool creations! A unique concept that is not only very educational, but also a lot of fun.

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Why Infento?

There are far too few students interested in technology.

Employers are desperate for skilled and technically trained personnel. There is a record number of technical vacancies.

Time for a change!

100% Modular Magic

The invention of the Dutch company Infento has all the elements to make technology inspiring again!

With the 100% modular parts, your students can build life-size (electric) vehicles and all kinds of other technical constructions.

Anything is possible!

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Our educational Kits

Which Kit suits you and your students best? Every level of student can immediately get started with Infento. No basic knowledge is required for teachers either.

Six reasons to choose Infento

  • Powerful STEM lessons

  • Learn about technology through play

  • Effective tool for getting every child involved in STEM

  • Complete teaching solution for any teacher

  • Teaches students important 21st century skills

  • High quality materials that will last many years

Inquiry-based learning and design thinking

STEM education encourages students to be curious and experiment as lifelong learners. Inquiry-based learning and design thinking are excellent frameworks for STEM since it promotes critical thinking and innovation.

Infento helps your school take a big step towards innovative education. Our educational Kits and teaching programs are in line with the methods of inquiry-based learning and design thinking and stimulates the development of engineering skills. Infento challenges and appeals to the creativity and thinking skills of students.

Build a(n)...

  • prosthetic leg
  • merry-go-round
  • hospital stretcher
  • electric Formula 1 car
  • wheelchair for UNICEF
  • and much more!

20 Design Challenges

Infento has developed unique Design Challenges that unleash all creativity in children. The fact that students can design and build something that they can then actually test and use afterwards, guarantees plenty of enthusiasm amongst your student population.

In each Design Challenge, students are guided through various steps through the design cycle.

21st century skills

Our society continues to rapidly change in the 21st century. There are massive technological, economical and societal developments occurring that will influence the future of work and living environment of children.

To prepare students for their future, it is critical that 21st century skills take up a key role in education at your school. Teaching needs to stimulate a curious, inquisitive and problem solving attitude amongst children. Infento will help you accomplish this goal.

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Spare parts

Are you looking for specific loose parts to complement your existing Kit? Want to make cool custom creations with specific parts? Find them easily in our spare parts shop. Here you will find everything from profiles to nuts and wheels.

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Extra Kits

Students lose parts. It happens and we got you covered. Our extra Kit gives you a very handy box with the most used parts. You will have a replacement immediately at hand and no delays in building!

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