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Family Feedback

Families around the world are getting creative with their kits and this is what they have to say

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I can't recommend the Infento Kits enough. They have easily exceeded our expectations, and the investment will continue to be worth it over the years.

Wes, United states

Infento brings parents and kids together to create constructively with exceptional design technology.

Shane, United states

My son's reaction was priceless! He couldn't wait to start the build and ran downstairs after his shower and forgot to put on his pants

Job and Matthew, USA

Unpacking was the same nature as unpacking an Apple product, but with more “wow” effect. Thanks for your passion!

Marcus, Germany

I could never have imagined that my son and daughter would dive into this with such passion and energy.

Inne, The Netherlands

Master Creator kit just arrived today! Kids were ecstatic. Beautiful build quality, worth the wait.

Joshua, United States

“Where’s the LOVE button??? This is brilliant!!”

Julie Jensen, United States

YES! It’s here! @infento #infento Very impressed so far by all the components.

Gert, The Netherlands

If the Swing is still too large for a small kid then you just rebuild it to a two seater.

Hildo, The Netherlands

This is just WOW! Probably the best #kickstarter project I’ve backed so far! In love with @infento!!!

Peate, Germany

“FANTASTIC IDEA!!!! The options are unlimited!”

George Mercado, United States

Thank you from my son, Infento! This is awesome!

Julien, Belgium

Infento brings parents and kids together to create constructively with exceptional design technology.

Shane, United States

My brother and his son enjoying their MC kit together. Giving this present made me the best aunt. Thanks, Infento!

Klaar, Belgium

What a cool stuff! Really, our compliments. Building was super easy. Very clear manuals. Building time says 90 minutes, but we were ready in a small hour or so.

Elke, The Netherlands

The kid and I love these things. On our third ride now. The quality is super high and it makes for a great father/child activity.

Derek, United States

The Future is already here, I present it to you!

Chris, Romania

My son enjoys the different rides. Just like my two older kids.

Rieko, The Netherlands

Amelia is happy she can learn how to walk now.

Eva, United Kingdom

“#bestpurchaseever Still loving it!”

Liria Dal Molin, Spain

Here’s one very happy boy! Thank you for your brilliant idea.

Lana Lechkina, United States

My little boy on his first ride.

Isaac, United Kingdom

You have read my mind by making this happen. it is exactly what I was looking for.

Ain Musting, Estonia

Well worth the 4 hours to build this for our 3.5 year old son! It’s an excellent product!

Shirlay Mach Lok, United States

She absolutely loves it! It looks amazing and is nice to drive! I have had few dads asking me ‘where, how, what’s that’.

Sotiris, United Kingdom