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Frequently Asked Questions


If you are wondering how Infento can best improve the educational experience of your school, please get in touch with our education team at edu@infento.com. They will talk you through our educational product line up to help you decide which kit suits your needs the best.

General Inquiry

Please send an email to support@infento.com mentioning your order number, the kit you have and a picture of the part that needs to be replaced. We will get back to you with a solution.

You can mail us anytime at support@infento.com. We’re happy to help and answer your questions!

You can find the manuals here on the manuals page.

Please make sure you choose the tab that corresponds exactly with the Infento Kit you have purchased.

We are always trying to broaden the payment options that we offer our customers. You are able to see which payment methods are available for your location and requirements when you reach the payment page of your order.


Our Upgrades page will easily guide you to the Upgrade that suits you. Our Upgrades enable you to expand your Kit and open up new possibilities, without having to buy an entire new Kit. With an Upgrade, you simply add the part you did not have yet and expand to a bigger Kit. That’s the advantage of our modular system!

The ePulse System can be used in combination with the Genius Kit and is included in the Legend Kit.

Infento mainly exists out of aluminium profiles, galvanized steel fasteners and glass fiber reinforced plastic joints.

This depends on the height of the child, but taking into account the average height, these are the age ranges for our Kits: Explorer Kit 0-9 years, Pioneer Kit 6-14 years, Smart Kit 0-14 years, Genius Kit 0-14 years,  Legend Kit 0-14 years, Skibock Kit 8+ years.

You can find the size and weight info by scrolling down on the product page of each Kit.

You can find the building times for each ride at the front page of the manuals on our support page.

You can find the maximum weight and length on the front page of every manual. You can find the manuals here.

The following is not a complete list, but we name the main parts:

  • High quality aluminum bars
  • Axles
  • Small wheels, big wheels
  • Brakes, braking parts
  • Pedals
  • Bolts, nuts, spacers, profile nuts
  • Toothed belts
  • Connectors
  • Handles
  • Small seats, big seats
  • Steering parts
  • Small skis, big skis
  • Hex keys

Content varies for each type of Kit.

Information on the weight and size of each Kit can be found on the product pages. If you need detailed information on the size of the boxes we ship our Kits in, please reach out to support@infento.com

No, you can build 1 ride from 1 Kit. If you would like to build a new ride, you deconstruct the one you’ve built and then you construct another one.

In case you have a request to buy some extra parts,

– If you live in EU, you can find all our loose parts in our spare parts shop: https://www.infento.com/parts/

– If you live in USA, please send us what you need and your original order number to support@infento.com


You can return your Kit, within 30 days from the day you received it, if in new and unused condition. The shipping costs associated with returning the Kit are at your own charge and the Kit must be packed in the original boxes, including the brown outer box/boxes. If the Kit does not exhibit signs of usage, we will apply a full refund. Alternatively, we will apply a restocking fee of 15%.


Yes, our carrier will send you a tracking number, so you can check the whereabouts of your order. Please also check your spam message box to make sure you won’t miss your tracking info.

A Kit is packed in the famous red Infento boxes, and for shipping we use sturdy brown outer boxes. An Explorer, Pioneer or Smart Kit consists of 1 package, a Genius Kit contains more parts, and is packed in 2 outer boxes. A Legend kit is packed in 3 outer boxes.

Please keep the red boxes with labels to always be able to identify which Kit you exactly have.

At the moment, we deliver our products in the US and Europe (EU Countries, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway). We hope to expand to the rest of the world in the coming years. You can stay up to date by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage, or following us on Facebook and Instagram.

If you live outside the US or EU and want to order, you can try to use the services of a freight forwarding company to send the order to your country.

Yes, but this is only possible when we didn’t ship your order yet.

When you fill in your address after you’ve put a Kit in your cart at the checkout, the costs will be calculated.

Spare parts

If you can’t locate or are missing a piece, just mail our customer service at support@infento.com and we will further assist you.

Infento uses a lot of fasteners that can be sourced from your local hardware store. For Infento specific parts, please contact us, so we can help you out.

If you live in EU, you can find all our loose parts in our spare parts shop: https://www.infento.com/parts/ –

If you live in USA, please send us what you need and your original order number to support@infento.com.


We give a two year warranty on our products.