We invented something new…

We have some great fresh family news we would like to share with you today. We won’t beat around the bush… our Junior Kit family has a new member! Let’s take a look at this cool Infento newborn and bring in the red stork. This is our hyper cool innovative machine. One big […]

An international jury of 42 experts and… Infento

Hey there Infento enthusiast! 07:00 AM, Friday. Four members of Team Infento got into their car and drove to the airport to catch a plane to Frankfurt, Germany. Were these early birds going to catch a sandwich with a famous Frankfurter Würstchen? Nope. Visiting the Frankfurter Buchmesse to browse through […]

The only way is up

Upgrade Kits: take it to the next level! The thing with kids is, they grow… Which is natural and necessary, because we want them to become healthy, happy young adults. The downside is that parents are obliged to keep buying stuff as their children grow out of everything. Clothes, shoes, sporting goods, toys and… […]