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20 Feb

An international jury of 42 experts and… Infento

Hey there Infento enthusiast!

07:00 AM, Friday. Four members of Team Infento got into their car and drove to the airport to catch a plane to Frankfurt, Germany.

Were these early birds going to catch a sandwich with a famous Frankfurter Würstchen? Nope. Visiting the Frankfurter Buchmesse to browse through books? Wrong again….

They went to catch two German Design Awards! German Design Award 2017 photo

The GDA is an independent and global design prize that awards ‘projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the international design landscape’.

This year there were an impressive 4000 submissions from 47 countries. The world’s biggest brands entered in the competition: BMW, Bentley, Lufthansa, Beats by Dr. Dre, just to name a few.

We received awards in two important categories; we are Winner for one of the most important categories; ‘Universal Design’. On top of that we received the prestigious Gold award for ‘Bicycles and E-Bikes’. Gold is the highest distinction you can get at the German Design Award.

Sander and Spencer on stage GDA(Photo: founders Sander and Spencer on stage GDA)

 Our founders were quite nervous to get on stage in front of a public of 1,500 designers from all over the world (wouldn’t you?). Check out the video to see how that went down:

Infento on stage GDAClick on the image or this link

The statement of the international jury of 42 experts: 

‘This comprehensive kit allows people to create their own functional and roadworthy vehicles, with virtually no limits to the imagination. The technical look and feel appeals both to the young and the old, plus Infento encourages real social contact in an era when games and communication are increasingly taking place on a digital level.’Infento team photo

Wow! We’re so happy with this complimentary statement. Forget about the awards and prizes. Don’t get us wrong. It’s really a great honour to receive the recognition for our product but we didn’t start this company to receive awards.

We started Infento to give our next generation a creative skill set and to learn them how to work together on a shared goal. And that’s why we’re especially happy with the jury statement because they see this specific quality in what we designed.

We think the digitalization of our society brings many benefits but also many dangers. Children are glued to screens and are just consuming video’s, games and apps.

children in front of screens photo

Isn’t it our responsibility to learn them how to be creative and to make real things? Together under the guidance of their family? To have real quality time with their parents and to become really proud of what they made with their own hands? We think so.

making infento kits photo

inventing with children photo

Give children the tools to invent and discover, to tinker and experiment. Let them fail and achieve. This will shape their life and in the bigger picture will shape our future.

Agree? Start creating with your family!

Thank you, and as always, keep on riding!

Team Infento