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heavy snowfall image
09 Jan

Heavy snowfall around the world… let’s have some fun :-)

Snow outside? Great!

It looks like winter is finally rearing its head around the world.

The winter storm that socked the Southeast of the US now has moved up to the East Coast. The National Weather Service predicts the storm could drop a foot of snow in Boston, two feet on the Massachusetts coast and seven inches in New York.

And heavy snow fall and below-freezing temperatures continued to sweep across the European continent this weekend. Several Greek islands, otherwise known for their sunny and warm weather, were blanketed in snow with freezing temperatures. The chill didn’t spare sunny Rome. The fountains in St. Peter’s Square froze overnight and dripped icicles instead.

Now there are two things we can do. We can agonize over the fact that the cold is grounding airplanes, crippling ferries and making the roads slippery but isn’t it much better to embrace the winter and have some fun in the snow?!

You guessed it, we took the last advice. We loaded our car with Infento glides last week and drove to Winterberg in Germany to do a photo and video shoot. Check out the pics below to get an impression!

It was misty and grey when we arrived but when we woke up the sun greeted us in a wonderful way.

Perfect weather to make some cool product shots, like this one of our Icebreaker glide:

But the real fun began when we started with the action shots. Here is our marketing guru Rogier with his daughter Stella sliding down the slope with our Supersledge:

Co-founder Sander clearly enjoyed his gig as assistant of the photographer while operating chief Thijs was discussing the big questions of life with Hugo:

And Noa and Dias celebrated their perfect spin with the Supersledge:

Not only are our Snow Add-ons for the bigger children, here you can see Sjoerd with his daughter Fien exploring the snowy hill. If you just learned to walk, why not test your new skills in the snow with the help of our Everest:

And if you get tired of all that snow activity you can also use the Everest to take a small power nap. Move over plush ice bear! :-).

The Big Blizzard is perfect to take snow balls or your favorite plush toy like Miffy along for a ride:

And after some great runs you can sneak behind the camera guy to chill out:

Here you can see the complete line-up of all our glides in the Big Snow Add-on on a snowy hill. Beauties, right? They look so enticing that you just want to jump on them right away to have some winter fun!

All in all it was a great day with lots of high fives, laughs and the best snow entertainment possible. We made great photo’s and video’s for our website. Everybody on the ski slopes looked at us with big curiosity. They’ve never seen such awesome “slides” in their life. And they are right :-). Infento is unique. You build your own glide with your son or daughter and the next morning you hit the slopes for some unforgettable family fun!

Sun or snow. Summer or winter. Infento takes on every terrain and season! If you own a Junior, Creator or Master Creator Kit you can simply turn your rides into glides with our awesome Snow Add-ons.

Check them out at our online store right here!

Enjoy the rest of your (hopefully snowy) day,

Team Infento