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30 Jan

A big thank you from us!

Our campaign just ended. We are blowing of steam here at Infento HQ at the moment. What an exhilarating ride it has been! We reached our goal of $50,000 very quickly, so we didn’t have the stress if our project would make it or not. But we sure didn’t expect it to go so well.

What is the end score? In total 775 backers pledged $479,712 to help bring our project to life. We want to thank all 775 of you for your support. You made Infento happen.

We asked a friend if he could make a picture of us. “Guys, you can be very proud. Really. So give me your most proudest look,” he said. Well this is the result.


Kickstarter just e-mailed us this: “CONGRATULATIONS! You did it. You and 775 backers are making this happen.  Feel free to laugh, dance, smile, pump a fist in the air, or all four at once.”

Well, we did some high fives, smiled and laughed a lot, but we skipped the dancing part. We can build cool rides, but dance even worse than the incredible hulk.

So what next? We are extremely busy with our Kickstarter orders, and want to make sure that they will be handled as smooth as possible.

Were you not in time to get hold of a kit? Don’t worry! We will open an online shop soon where you will be able to pre-order 🙂

We will keep you updated in the coming weeks and months about all our progress in manufacturing, shipping and all other developments that are going on at Infento. We know you are excited and eager to know more!

Thank you, gracias, merci, danke, dank je wel,

Sander, Spencer and everybody from Infento!