A big thank you from us!

Our campaign just ended. We are blowing of steam here at Infento HQ at the moment. What an exhilarating ride it has been! We reached our goal of $50,000 very quickly, so we didn’t have the stress if our project would make it or not. But we sure didn’t expect […]

Wowww, our video went viral: 14,000,000+ views ?

Hey, let’s get ready for some viral vibes!   Dear Infento aficionado, Infento went viral on the internet. We went what? Viral! We call something viral when it is quickly and widely spread by for instance Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. This is the mysterious and marvellous effect the internet can […]

Heavy snowfall around the world… let’s have some fun :-)

Snow outside? Great! It looks like winter is finally rearing its head around the world. The winter storm that socked the Southeast of the US now has moved up to the East Coast. The National Weather Service predicts the storm could drop a foot of snow in Boston, two feet […]