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Community Creations

Our modular kits give you unlimited possibilities!
Check out the creativity of the Infento community worldwide

Share your awesome ride with the world Upload >

Seal show

Sander from Belgium

A seal that steals the show, why not? Anything is possible! Great work, Sander!

The Infento Dino

Capote family from USA

Wow, this is a super creative T-rex made from Infento parts! Thanks for your submission Capote family!

Tri-Ski Sled

Matt & Aiden from USA

‘We built the B-Trike and he didn’t want to take it apart for the winter, so we built this version to have fun in the snow.’

Keyboard Stand

Job from USA

‘My wife wanted to buy a keyboard stand, but I decided that I could build one instead.’ Making vs buying, high five!


Jean-Christophe from France

‘Here is our ride. Perfect to make super sharp turns so you can squeeze between furniture indoors.’

Cool Cargo

Ivar from The Netherlands

‘Our sons ride attracts a great deal of attention in the neighborhood’. Well we certainly understand why Ivar :-)!

Carry Trike

Mark & Lex from USA

A tricycle is fun, but what if you want to transport items along? ‘We’ve adapted the tricycle with the carrier on back.’

Trivelo Taxi

Andreas From Austria

Become a little taxi driver and take your brother or sister along for a ride on your fancy tricycle!

Coocking Stand

Salan from The Netherlands

What’s cooking? Well, a smart stand to involve a child while making a meal! Good one Salan!


Peter from Germany

Peter made this for his little girl. She calls it ‘motorbike’. Put on your helmet and let’s go for a ride.


Wouter from Australia

In Australia they drive ‘utes’. So why not build one. Check the enormous luggage capacity!

Custom B-Trike and Rider

Sven from The Netherlands

Sven managed to build two of his own creations, without any extra parts. Try and match this with your Infento kit!

Quattro Scooter

Salina from United Kingdom

‘This is the experimental ride we constructed together. Already looking forward to build the next one… :)’

Wallaby with an extension

Matt from Germany

A Wallaby with an extension. Matt created a nifty way to guide the little one in the right direction.

Double Seated Swing

Hildo from The Netherlands

Hildo added a seat to the Swing. A perfect way to work on their cooperation skills. Go left here, brother :-).


Leif from Norway

Top score for inventivity! Leif made a trailer without using any extra parts. Thumbs up.

Baby Gym

Lars from Germany

‘We love Infento!’ And we love your baby gym, Lars! You get a 10 for creativity. Spin those wheels and have fun, little one!

Shock Bulldog

Martin from Paraguay

‘Why not have some extra comfort? We modified the Bulldog with a shock breaker and it’s working perfectly!’

A Custom Made Trivelo

Joe from USA

Joe cleverly adapted a Trivelo into a smaller version to perfectly fit his kid. Your own custom made ride, very cool!


Laimonas from Lithuania

Laimonas a inventé le ‘Trident’. Un super vélo avec 3 grosses roues qui provoque un gros sourire sur nos visages

Trike Hauler

Bjorn from USA

Bjorn and his son made a ride they dubbed the ‘Trike Hauler’. Ideal for moving toys and family.

Three Wheeled Scooter

Daniel from Germany

Daniel raises the standard on scooters for big kids. Nice SUV scooter to conquer the sidewalk!

Walking Trike Chopper

Peejay from Singapore

Ready, steady, go! You win the prize for most awesome competitor. And nice detail with the flagpole ?