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Infento New studio image
23 Jun

An Infento Youtube Star is born

In this fancy studio we produce our How To Videos that we just launched on our website and on YouTube itself.

So who is the new star? Well, he’s enthusiastic, he’s smart and he knows… how to build and create with Infento!

Meet Kay. Our own Master Chef of Infento recipes. The Dexter of the Infento laboratory. The Q of the Infento headquarter. He’s not some good looking actor we hired to present the videos. No, Kay is one of the smart designers at Infento, so if there’s anyone who knows how it works, it’s him!

Wondering how those little T-Blocks function? Eager to see how to install the brake system? Or just curious to see the Infento studio? Kay is your guide!

Click the the image below to see a How To Video on the Driving Mechanism (can you already see which ride he is building?).

And… there’s more than just this one! Check the Infento YouTube channel or our support section on our website.

Watch the How To Videos on:

The How To Videos will ensure that your family will always have an ultimate building experience with your Infento Kit.

We will conclude this edition of the newsletter with the favorite end quote of Kay at the videos: “have fun with this one!”

Thanks for reading and we see you at the next stop!

Team Infento