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A little girl wins & Spooktastic Creation

The Animal Challenge has come to an end. Thanks so much for all your inspiring creations! Check out the Infento bull made by kids at Roboticon. And we think the dino, turtle, seal and giraffe are super cool as well! The Challenge clearly shows that you can really build anything with Infento, Noah’s entire […]

Let’s meet in Europe

Leaves are turning brown, yellow and bright Infento red. Fall is making its entrance. Just like the mushrooms that are popping up everywhere, Infento is spreading all over Europe. Will you visit us in Amsterdam or Paris? We have opened our very first Infento pop up store in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, yaay!  […]

Celebrate Animal Day with a challenge

Happy Animal Day to everyone! October 4th is the day we give our pets some extra treats. But also the day to raise awareness for animal welfare for all animals around the globe. Kids love animals and so do we. What better way to celebrate today than to build an […]