What to do when staying at home with the kids?

Dear Infento fan, First of all: we hope you and your family and friends are all ok. These are exceptional times. For families, companies, everyone. In this mail we want to offer you a mini guide as well as a small company update. We’ve received several inquiries considering our delivery and […]

Always aim for the moon, girls! 🚀

Welcome! We, Team Infento, are delighted to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of the Modular Monthly. From countless conversations with you, our customers, we have felt that a dedicated journal would be the ideal vehicle to build on the community we have created together. This first issue celebrates the […]

The Top 10 Infento Rides

Netflix has just introduced a new feature to check the top 10 of movies and series in your country. Data means knowledge, and wouldn’t it be great to discover which Infento Rides are most popular amongst families like yours, and why? We decided to dive deep into our own data and […]