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We all want to be good parents for our kids.  Preferably the best in the world. Because we want the best for our children. At Infento we have plenty of mums and dads fulfilling key roles in our company. Parents just like you.  In this edition of the Modular Monthly, […]

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STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and MathThat’s what this edition of the Modular Monthly is dedicated to. As a parent or grandparent you might be familiar with the term STEM or STEAM, with the A for ‘Arts’ added. In this article, we will explore kids’ interest for a STEM related education. We will outline […]

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Dear Infento fan, Welcome to a brand new edition of our Modular Monthly. This month we’re diving into the world of electric vehicles. Not a recent invention, as you will discover in the next part. This proves again: never underestimate the ingenuity of human kind! If your kids have a dream, make […]

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Dear Infento fan, Welcome to the second edition of Infento’s Modular Monthly newsletter. This month we are highlighting the diversity of the children that build with our Kits, our creative heroes. Samuel Rüsch (42) works at a ‘special needs’ school in Switzerland. The school offers a learning environment for 25 […]

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Dear Infento fan, First of all: we hope you and your family and friends are all ok. These are exceptional times. For families, companies, everyone. In this mail we want to offer you a mini guide as well as a small company update. We’ve received several inquiries considering our delivery and […]

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Welcome! We, Team Infento, are delighted to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of the Modular Monthly. From countless conversations with you, our customers, we have felt that a dedicated journal would be the ideal vehicle to build on the community we have created together. This first issue celebrates the […]

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Netflix has just introduced a new feature to check the top 10 of movies and series in your country. Data means knowledge, and wouldn’t it be great to discover which Infento Rides are most popular amongst families like yours, and why? We decided to dive deep into our own data and […]

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According to research by Charles Duhigg, author of ‘The Power of Habit’, 40% of our lives are controlled by our habits. That’s a vast amount of time but it’s also good news. This means that we can help our kids develop fruitful habits so they will be happier and healthier individuals.  But where to start? […]

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Infento fans all over the world are building awesome creations together with their children. You can follow our manuals to construct one of Infento signature Rides or you can use our 100% modular parts to build your very own creation. And this is exactly what a very creative family did! […]

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We live in a rapidly changing world full of new technologies. Today’s kids need different skills and abilities to head towards a successful future career. ‘21st Century Skills’ include problem solving, technique and last but not least; creativity. The good news: Every child has the potential to be a creative […]

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