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blog post future jobs

Has it ever crossed your mind that your kid might work on spacecraft engines in the future? Or prepare meat that’s ‘grown’ in a laboratory? The jobs of the future are unknown. What we do know is that we need to prepare our kids for the changing nature of work. […]

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Blog Reddot Award image

It’s a red letter day! Or actually a red dotted day 😉 We’re sure you’ve heard about the Red Dot Awards. It’s one of the world’s leading design awards. The winners are selected by a large jury for their outstanding design quality. And guess what? We have won the Red […]

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infento blog post launch in germany

Berlin The German metropolis is known for its culture, art, tech firms, creative industries and… cycling! An excellent place to officially introduce Infento in Germany! A big event in Berlin is the Berliner Fahrradschau. It’s the worlds leading cycle lifestyle fair with thousands of visitors. From today till Sunday 25th, […]

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Infento blog RedBocks image

The Winter Olympics are still fresh in our minds. We saw some great athletes perform mind boggling tricks. On skis, skates and snowboards. But what we missed there is… Skibock professionals! Of course, when you want to show the Infento Skibock perform at the highest level, you have to team up with skibock […]

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Infento blog 3d wheel image

It’s winter and snow tends to whiten the surroundings in some parts of the world. So what to do when you want to have some fun outside with your Infento Booster but there is a lot of snow outside? Yes, you 3D print your own Infento parts to conquer the […]

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Happy new year blog image
Kit Led image
Christmas Hugo blog image

It’s Christmas time and two kids are drawn by a magic light. Check the video to see what they discover: Also want a magical Christmas for your child? To enjoy real quality time and to give them important skills for the future? Infento is the gift that keeps on giving […]

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New Kits on the block! We present two brand new Kits that will add some magic to the month of December. The best Christmas gift you can imagine. Which one will you pick, the Whizz Kit or the Inventor Kit? We’ve selected some great models for these specials. Have a look at […]

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The Animal Challenge has come to an end. Thanks so much for all your inspiring creations! Check out the Infento bull made by kids at Roboticon. And we think the dino, turtle, seal and giraffe are super cool as well! The Challenge clearly shows that you can really build anything with Infento, Noah’s entire […]

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