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Rides to Build this Fall photo
09 Oct

Top 5 Rides to Build This Fall

The first month of school year is behind us and you’ve surely noticed the temperatures dropping by the day. Fall shows its pretty side when the fallen brown leaves line the streets, but the side with the weather is not so appealing! ?
Luckily enough, we come prepared! We have consolidated feedback from the community and created a list of the Top 5 Rides for the rainy season. ?


For a cozy afternoon home, Wallaroo is the perfect Ride. A real compact utility Ride with spacious box for all the treats and gems! Let your loved ones help you out on a lazy Sunday with Wallaroo ?


Looking to skate the streets in style? Look no further! Build a Streetwave and weave through the obstacles in no time. Extra points for 180° turns! Hint: The fallen leaves make for a great sliding platform and running through the puddle in full speed creates cool splashes! ?


For those days that are just rainy and miserable, why not brighten them up by taking out a Flowmotion and drift in the rain? Drifting with a Flowmotion is a breeze, with the slippery surfaces of the neighborhood pavements providing an extra boost to your drifts! 

Speedster G2

The school’s out! What now? To let the steam out after a long day at school, what’s better than racing classmates? The win will certainly be yours thanks to the Stabilizr® System used for steering as well as the great looks which will outshine all other opponents. ?


Soon enough, the leaves will start falling off the trees. It will be beautiful to see and even better to experience! Go-Kart, powered by ePulse® Electric Motor, will provide enough power to see the leaves swirl as you whizz by. ? This ultimate Ride will dazzle everyone around.

Decided what you’re going to build this fall?

Done building your creative masterpiece? Please share it with us. We’re always eager to see what you come up with!