Infento blog 3d wheel image
18 Jan

3D Print your own Infento parts

It’s winter and snow tends to whiten the surroundings in some parts of the world.

So what to do when you want to have some fun outside with your Infento Booster but there is a lot of snow outside?

Yes, you 3D print your own Infento parts to conquer the snow!

David, a very creative dad from the US, put his kid on the fast track with this smart invention. He 3D printed this wheel that offers a vast amount of grip thanks to its profile. Bring on the snowflakes!

3D printed Snow Tire photo

Does it work? Just check out his cool video and find out!

 3D printed Snow Tire photo on Snow

Click the image (or this link) to see the wheel in action.

duck on Infento imageInspired? Why not try and invent your own 3D custom part for your ride! The sky really is the limit with Infento, just unleash your inner Gyro Gearloose ;).

Also want to spend fun quality time with your children? Build together, teach them the basics of technique?

And why not… go even further and invent your own parts with your kid and make them real with 3D Printing! With Infento you can truly let your kids ideas come to live!

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