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New ride twister blog image
27 Feb

We invented something new…

We have some great fresh family news we would like to share with you today. We won’t beat around the stork photobush… our Junior Kit family has a new member!

Let’s take a look at this cool Infento newborn and bring in the red stork.

This is our hyper cool innovative machine. One big wheel up front, two small ones at the back; heaps of entertainment guaranteed:

infento rides photo sample

So how do you steer it? Well, that’s the coolest part. Kids have to put their hands behind their back and onto the handlebars to give this new ride a different direction.

And it will be a great learning experience as well since you have to steer to the right to go left and steer left to go the right. A counter intuitive move, that will let your children think. And that’s just the way we like it at Infento. Let’s trigger the inquisitive mind of kids as much as we can.

Infento kits small image

Another great advantage of this ride is the age range. Kids up to 7 years can enjoy it. This also means that our Junior Kit is suddenly not that ‘junior’ anymore. The age range of this kit just jumped from 1-5 years to 1-7 years! More value for families around the world.

With this new model we wanted to show everyone that you can truly build anything you can think of. The rides we show on our website and the accompanying manuals are just guides to help you get acquainted to our product and inspire you.

But have you already considered building your own ride? Let your imagination go wild, unleash the creativity in your family! While you’re at it, don’t forget to send us a nice photo :-).

#InfentoContest: name this new ride!

What’s in a name? A lot, mister Shakespeare. The new Infento family member needs a catchy name. And that’s where you come in. 

We have opened the Name Our Ride contest for all our fans on Facebook. In the comments of the post, you can write down your bright name idea. You can also post on Instagram and Twitter and use the #InfentoContest tag so we don’t miss your idea.

Any prize for the winner? Yes, of course. The winner gets 10 Infento cardboard rides!

Infento user manual photo

This tiny ride is so much fun to build. The winner will for sure make a lot of kids happy with it!

Closing date is March 5th, 12AM EST.  Get cracking and good luck!

Already own an Infento Kit and you are eager to build this new ride? Just a little more patience. We’re working on the manual right now and we’ll let everybody know when we’ve released it for all the Infento fans. We promise you will not have to wait long.

In the mean time you can help us out and think of a great name :-). Looking for inspiration? Ask your children, they can come up with surprising stuff as you might already know.

Thank you for reading and we’ll see you at the next turn!

Team Infento