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07 Sep

Wow, what a first couple of days!

We launched last Wednesday and the crowdfunding campaign immediately started with a Big Bang. We reached 64% of our $50,000 goal on the first day! Amazing. Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm to share our story.

And… good news… we continue to march on! We are now very very close to our goal, which means that if you order one of our Kits you can be certain we go into production and deliver your kit at your doorstep. You can imagine we are smiling here at Infento HQ at the moment :-).

This is a subtract from the article of Gizmag.com, that was published yesterday:
Previously we have seen designers take a variety of different approaches to allow a child’s ride to grow with them, such as the Leg&Go, Wishbone Bike, Audi’s Mini Runner and the Grow bikes. But these options pale in comparison to the extensive array of models offered by Infento.”

And this is what Trendhunter.com had to say:
The ‘Infento‘ bike is an incredible investment that grows with a child from toddler age all the way to their teenage years. While there are some tricycles and bicycles that have adjustable seats or training wheels that grow with a child, there is no other bike out there that can take on 18 different vehicle forms.”

Early Bird Master Creator Kit: all gone
We didn’t know what kit would be the most popular when we started the campaign. Well, it seems our Master Creator Kit currently is the most wanted in the first days of the campaign. We had 50 Early Bird Kits available for the special price of $549. Well, these are all gone now. Wow.

But no worries, you can still purchase them for the regular price of $599. Our beautiful Creator Kit can still be had for Early Bird prices. Just so you know.

Our plans for the coming days + surprise…

So are we going to chill in the weekend after this great start? Nope. Work. Work. Work. We have to answer tons of questions by mail, on Kickstarter, on Facebook, you name it. The pitching of media will continue day in day out. This is our chance to get the Infento story out and we will grab it with both hands. We are also working hard so we can announce a nice surprise to you in a couple of days :-). If you have a Creator or Master Creator Kit, you will be very happy.

So stay tuned and keep on riding. Enjoy the weekend!
Team Infento

PS: if you are interested to see how we are doing on Kickstarter, click here