25 Jan

Organizational scale-up, more parts, backer visit and tiny ride

Bye bye 2015. Welcome 2016! Last year was all about the official launch of our consumer kits. This year these two words will get our full attention… scaling up. We need to seriously scale up on our production side but we also need to hire many smart and wonderful Infento enthusiasts so we can build our organization.

We have big growth plans and this is the year where we lay the foundation for what hopefully will become an internationally respected and beloved company.
We have some new things to share in this blogpost: we’re looking for very talented folks, we received a lot of new parts, our tiny ride is almost ready and a couple of super backers visited us in Amsterdam. So lets start the engine and hop on!

Organizational scale-up, pssssssst…. we’re hiring

We are in full preparation for our big international roll-out and you can imagine we need a lot of new people in our team.
We recently hired a kick-ass manager of operations (welcome Thijs!!) but we have more vacancies to fill. So what are we looking for?

Head of Purchasing and Finance
We currently get our materials from 28 suppliers across EU and Asia. Just for our Kickstarter order we purchased 8 kilometers (5 miles) of aluminum profiles and 25,000 pieces of our most used plastic part. Our purchasing is very important. We also have a lot of money flowing in and out. Tens of invoices every month and this will only get more. The handling, insight and analysis of our finances are just as important. Right now we are doing all this stuff ourselves, but we need a pro that can give his/her full attention to these tasks. Are you the perfect Head of Purchasing and Finance of Infento? Or do you know someone? Before you jump: keep in mind that the location is the beautiful city of Amsterdam.






Head of Production
In one month we sold around 750 kits on Kickstarter. Our ambition is to sell hundreds of kits per month after our official launch and then quickly move up to thousands of kits. This will require a tremendous amount of hands-on work. To give you a feeling of the big job at hand: our Master Creator Kit consists of 7 large boxes and of more than 80 different parts. To assure this is all neatly arranged and assembled in the most efficient manner we look for someone that is both responsible for the production process as well as quality control. Are you, or do you know someone, that is ready for this ride?

To see both vacancies, click here

Yes! A big batch of new parts

One of our containers arrived in the harbor of Rotterdam, was put on a truck and arrived at our current production facility. What was the cargo? 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) of hexagon axles among other things. 

So what is the use of the hexagon axle in the Infento kit you might ask? You need it for steering and moving the wheels from left to right in a couple of our models. It also functions as the main axle for the small wheels in some junior rides.

We also received new brake calipers and brake caliper holders:

And what’s this?

Well, with these your kid can move his precious cargo indoors, outdoors and even in the snow if you have one of the snow add-ons:

Infento cardboard ride 

As you might remember we also had a tiny ride as reward at our Kickstarter campaign. This cardboard ride was meant for people that didn’t order a kit but still wanted to show their support for our project. Something like a digital thumbs up. Well, it’s almost ready! The ride is not 2 inch (5.08 cm) like we envisioned, but came out to be 4 inch. Still tiny :-). Here is the design:

If you press these parts out of the cardboard and fix them together, you get something that looks very similar to our…. B-Trike!

Isn’t it a beauty? This is proof that tiny rides can also look pretty cool. Of course the final version will look even better with colors and prints in real Infento style!

Super backers visit Amsterdam HQ

The cardboard ride was our smallest reward at our Kickstarter campaign, the meet and greet the biggest. We put a limit of 5 on this reward and we were amazed and humbled that all 5 were gone very quickly. This is what we offered: “we will invite you to Amsterdam for an unforgettable three day trip. Get to know the team personally and be one of the first to explore exclusive potential partnerships. If you are not looking for a partnership we can talk about creativity, life, start-up experiences, you name it!

In the last couple of weeks we had the privilege to meet these super backers. They flew into Amsterdam and we showed them our company and the city. They really wanted to get the feel of Amsterdam. Well luckily for them there is even the possibility to physically touch Amsterdam :-).

It was truly wonderful to see their huge enthusiasm for the concept of Infento. The traditional Dutch food didn’t get the same rave reviews, but we can’t blame them for that, haha. Of course they got to ride a real Infento also. We dropped a couple of Skibocks in the back of our car and drove to the nearest indoor snow track. Here you can see Dewei, Mark and Job with Spencer:

And in this clip you can see that the son of Andrew and Amy is a natural talent. Lachlan, you really rock, champion!

We really enjoyed their company, truly fabulous people with big hearts. Super backers: thanks again for your tremendous support and positive vibes!

New Infento production facility?

Maybe we have some exciting news to share again very shortly. We are on the look out for a larger production facility. Why? Well, it looks like the interest in our kits just doesn’t stop. After our Kickstarter campaign ended we put the possibility online to pre-order our kits through our infentorides.com website.

With zero marketing and PR (we got our hands more than full with scaling up Infento) we just keep on seeing a big demand for our kits. It’s clear to us that we need a much bigger accommodation if we want to timely fulfill all these new orders. We couldn’t be happier right now as you might understand. So, stay tuned, we see you at the next stop!

Keep on riding,

Team Infento