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08 Jul

Launch date, pricing, and 15000+ Likes

The two most asked questions we received from you during this pre-launch stage:

1.  When will you launch with your Kickstarter campaign?
2.  What are the prices of your Kits?

In this update we will lift the curtains on our launch date and share the pricing of our Junior Kit. The prices of our other Kits and Add-ons will be revealed in the following weeks. We will also talk about the unexpected level of interest for our pre-launch video on Facebook!

Infento now has 15,000+ fans on Facebook


We recently shared our introduction video (the one you can see at infentorides.com) on Facebook. We were quite surprised by the response and feedback! We received thousands of likes in a couple of days. At the moment we have more than 15,000 Facebook friends! And this within 14 days after we released the video. Incredible.

It looks like we are not alone in our thinking that our construction kits for families is something really cool. Thanks everyone for sharing and supporting!

Timing of Kickstarter Launch

While we are working hard on the preparation of our launch, chances are high that you and your family are on holiday or are making plans to go on holiday. So right now is not an ideal time to launch. So when will we launch? Drum roll please….

Infento will go live with the Kickstarter campaign at the end of August!

So only around 6 more weeks to go. We are there in the blink of an eye. Our excitement is building and we hope yours too.

Infento Junior Kit: How Much?

Before we reveal our price, first some more background information on our Junior Kit. This is a kit for the little ones. From age 0 till 5. You can build 6 rides with our Junior Kit. Of course you can get creative and build other rides than the ones we show you in our included manuals. But that is all up to you.

All experienced parents know that you buy many rides in their first years. It starts with a walker to help your child with walking. Other must haves are a balance bike and a tricycle. And what about a scooter?

We included all the must haves and classics in our kit. But of course we gave it our own twist. Our rides look a lot cooler and are much more fun! And most importantly, they can transform into other rides. Is your child ready for a tricycle? Just get your hex key and build one together.

Check out our Junior Kit and the pricing:

As you can see in the image above you can build a walker, scooter, balance bike, balance trike, balance carrier and a tricycle. And this for a regular price of $299. If you are fast you (there are 50 Early Bird Kits available) can even get your hands on this beautiful Kit for an Early Bird price of $249! If you would have to buy all these rides separately you would have to spend way more money. So not only is this a very smart buy, the planet will be happy too. Only one durable Kit instead of 6 different rides. That’s called sustainability.

Next week we will reveal our price for the Creator Kit, so please stay tuned! In the meantime: if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!