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26 Jun

Jobs of the Future


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
That’s what this edition of the Modular Monthly is dedicated to. As a parent or grandparent you might be familiar with the term STEM or STEAM, with the A for ‘Arts’ added.

In this article, we will explore kids’ interest for a STEM related education. We will outline current challenges and how we can address them!

As always, you will have a chance to meet the Makers of the Month, this time from France ??

Enjoy the read!

STEM related education photo

What’s the issue? 

Our society is rapidly changing. There are massive technological, economic and social developments occurring. This influences the future work and living environment of your children.

Kids should be prepared to participate in a successful later life, both individually and socially. Repetitive and routine work tasks will be less and less executed by humans. Robots and artificial intelligence can take over tasks. But who is going to build and program those robots?

A survey was conducted by Junior Achievement (a non-profit youth organization) last year. Results showed that interest from teenagers in STEM careers is low and declining amongst girls. 27% of the boys reported to have an interest in pursuing a future in this field, while only 9%(!) of the girls show interest.

Earlier studies show that children do show more enthusiasm for STEM careers at an early age. Unfortunately, this often fades away later. 

How come kids don’t stick to their enthusiasm for careers in engineering or tech? They lack interaction with role models and they fear the education will be ‘too hard’. If tech isn’t present around them, in an engaging and fun way, the risk is that kids lose interest. The key in generating more involvement is introducing STEM in the classroom and at home. Another important factor is emphasising that kids can help others by having a job in this area. Research proves children are not only considering the likelihood they will succeed in their future job.They have an altruistic motivation to help others. STEM careers offer this opportunity.

STEM related education photo 2

The jobs of the future

What kind of jobs are we talking about when we mention a career in STEM? This is something we don’t know yet. 65% of children entering primary school today will end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist, predicts the World Economic Forum.

Tech is a rapidly evolving field. Some of the top trends for this year are Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual Reality and Cybersecurity. Trying to look into the crystal ball a bit further, here are the jobs that will be required in future.

5 Jobs that LinkedIn foresees for 2030

heart in hand image

1. Organ Creator
Yes, you read that correctly. Scientist might have to create organs because of the shortage of transplantable organs. Peculiar job, but extremely useful! 

Earthquake Forecaster photo

2. Earthquake Forecaster
The possibility to predict earthquakes has been anticipated on for decades. Maybe 2030 will be the year in which clever researchers can actually warn for impending doom of earthquakes. 

self-driving car mechanic photo

3.Self-driving car mechanic The self-driving car already exists in basic form. But we don’t see the self-driving car self-servicing itself yet. This asks for mechanics who are as handy with tools as they are with the computer software.

trash engineer photo

4. Trash engineer
Upcycling is needed to reduce our ever growing pile of waste. Materials science and engineering are essential skills here. Creative and resourceful kids will flourish in this job. Ultimately, a zero-waste world is the goal!

drone image Infento

5. Drone traffic optimiser
Drones already exist, but their functions will expand. If the police uses drones to patrol, Amazon drops orders with a drone and the grocery store has the same idea, then we will need drone traffic optimisers. We don’t want broken eggs delivered or crashed drones falling from the sky. ?

Did you know you as a parent also play an important role in the career path your child chooses? Studies demonstrate that parents have the biggest influence on the choice of profession.For your children, you are the first role model, they will observe you and your behaviour. Encouraging your kids to explore the world of STEM gives them a head start for their future career.

There’s many ways to do this. Take them to an engineering museum, give them a fun science magazine, do easy home science experiments with them. And last but not least; build an Infento Ride with your kids. This way engineering will not just be a vague concept, but will actually come to life! Kids will grow confidence by creating their own vehicle. From building a Ride, to building a custom Ride, to a scientist building a rocket?

Carla & Emma photo

Carla and Emma are Makers of the Month! ?
This French family has been using the lockdown period very creatively! The two girls show us their own custom made Rides, a bobsleigh and a small chopper. 

Their father Benjamin tells us how the bobsleigh idea came to life:
“We have 2 Infento Kits, the Legend Kit for my big daughter Carla (8 years old) and an Explorer Kit for my little girl Emma (2 years old). First we have built the Go-Kart and the Rider. Then Carla asked me if we could make another vehicle where she would be seated and steer with her feet. So I told her let’s try! With the parts we had left we ended up creating a ‘multi position’ bobsleigh. You can ride it seated with an extension for a second child at the back, or lying on your back feet forward. We can create anything with Infento which is great, thank you very much!”

Already brainstorming what you could build with your kids? A tractor, golf cart, or a crane perhaps? You name it, you make it! Building together is a fun way to spend time together.

Creating something that your child relates to stimulates their imaginative playing time and boosts self-confidence. At the same time, you will introduce them into the world of STEM!

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