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Infento In The News

Infento on ABC and WROC! 

A lesson in determination, team-building, and gratitude, to help a student who is visually impaired navigate the halls of high school,” ABC news reports. Both American news channels ABC and CBSaffiliate WROC reported about a special Infento project from a group of students. 

You already know that Infento allows you to build the coolest creations. But the Infento Hot Rod that high school students from Hilton (New York) created, has something extra special. 

Senior student Braiden Wingrove convinced his STEM teacher to buy two Infento Kits with ePulse motor. Braiden is visually impaired and dreamed to build a Ride that could help him navigate around the school. He started this project with fellow students and added a clever sensor system at the front of the Ride. 

“If it makes a high-pitch sound, I know I have to steer to the right. If it makes a low-pitch sound, I steer to the left”Braiden tells. With this system, he can avoid bumping into objects and walls and navigate the halls in a truly fancy way. His robotics teacher helped with the programming. And Braiden has more ambitions. After school he wants to get a degree in Computer Programming.

But what about the second Infento Kit, you might wonder? The STEM teacher lets his other class build an Infento Ride too, so classes can race each other at the end of the year 🙂

We are proud and honored to help children realize their dreams. Completing a Ride together is a fun way to develop problem solving and cooperation skills. It puts a smile on our face to hear the proud students tell about this achievement.