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28 May

The Road to Electric Rides ⚡️

Dear Infento fan,

Welcome to a brand new edition of our Modular Monthly. This month we’re diving into the world of electric vehicles. Not a recent invention, as you will discover in the next part. This proves again: never underestimate the ingenuity of human kind!

If your kids have a dream, make sure to encourage them and tell them nothing is impossible. This might lead to a new ingenious invention in the future!


Did you know?

We’ve had fully electric cars like Tesla on the streets for over ten years now, but the history of the electric vehicle dates way back! While horses were the main way of transportation, the first electric motors were already invented in the 1830s

The looks differ just a little bit from the EVs of today ?.  You could say they had great resemblance to the open carriages you would imagine horses in front of. 

Curious to see what that looked like?

Electric vehicles - a visual timeline

Fun fact of the month

Tesla is actually the name of the unit of magnetic field. Find out whether your kids knew this!

month makers photo

Seth and Lot are makers of the month! ?

Congratulations! Seth was being a wonderful older brother that has created a Twister with a sibling twist! The Ride is now capable of transporting a fun duo! Seems like Lot is enjoying this new added seat after the hard work she’s done on it with Seth. We’re glad the Ride was built well and Seth with Lot are enjoying it in style. ?

 ‘Infento is the best toy for young and old’, says their proud mother Maureen. ‘It literally connects children ?  The kids in the neighborhood are equally thrilled about Infento. They played roller coaster with the Ride!’

Infento’s electric Kit

A couple of years ago, the engineering minds of Infento started with a huge project. They decided to create a real electric motor for the Rides, from scratch. This meant a lot of designing, developing and testing. In 2015, the first basic prototype saw the light. Since then, the design and specs have been thoroughly elaborated. The final tests in 2017 were done by a team of young Infento fans. They gave the green light, which meant the first ePulse motors were shipped to customers. Since then, many kids have been practising their riding skills with an electrified Ride. It’s never too early to start, is it?

About ePulse® System

Curious for some details about the electric motor? The brushless DCmotor from the ePulse® System has two speed settings. One ‘regular’, one ‘fast’: 3 mph (5 km/h) or 7 mph (11 km/h). Open the throttle by twisting the handlebar, just like you do on a motorcycle. Reverse by pressing the button on the handlebar. It’s that easy.

Infento ePulse Photo

The motor comes with a 4 Ah lithium-ion battery that can be placed in various positions. It provides 60 minutes of run time for your children’s adventures. Charging takes 2 hours, so they will quickly be ready for the next tour around the house.

The Legend Kit

Infento image of a girl

With 946 parts, 137 lbs (62 kg) and 39 possible rides to build, the Legend Kit is Infento’s biggest Kit. It can be easily identified as the flagship Kit. And the best part… The Legend Kit includes the ePulse® System! With this electric motor plus battery you can build one of 6 electric Rides. Let your kids be the new Elon Musk and create an electrified Infento ride together. In case you already are the proud owner of an Infento Kit: read further below to see the options. A lot is possible with Upgrades and Add-Ons, thanks to the modular system

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photo of Infento kits

Do you also want to start building and bonding with your children? Create an awesome electric Ride together? The Legend Kit offers many hours of quality time with your kids. While building an electric Ride together, they’ll learn invaluable skills for a bright future.