🤩 Infento® Zomer Deals: GRATIS Wonder Wheels® (€24,95) bij je Kit ✨ en GRATIS 6 Snow Glides® bij je Legend Kit! 🏂 Je hebt nog: d h m s
🤩 Infento® Zomer Deals: GRATIS Wonder Wheels® (€24,95) bij je Kit ✨ en GRATIS 6 Snow Glides® bij je Legend Kit! 🏂 Je hebt nog: d h m s
31 Jul

Creators invent new rides & secret of the cardboard sawfish rostrum

Hello Infento fan!

Are you enjoying your summer holiday? Sun, sand and sea?

At Infento, we not only keep on riding, but keep on working as well. We are getting ready for the big move to our new location. The finishing touches are being executed as we speak. How about an Infento red stairway? Not to heaven, but to our offices and kitchen area.

On the wall, some speaker boxes also in flashy red. Painted by one of our very own creative minds. And notice the mounting system on the wall. Yet again, you can see that anything is possible when using the power of your imagination.

In this newsletter, we’ve got these items for you:

– Master Creator Kits in the US
– Infento fans get creative
– The cardboard sawfish rostrum
– A new round of FAQ’s

Just sit back and… take your place in the driver’s seat! 😉

Master Creator Kits arrive in the US

We’re almost done with our Kickstarter deliveries. Who is still patiently (thank you!) waiting? Backers from North America that ordered a MC kit and Infento believers from the countries outside Europe and the US. We have some good news to share for the people from the New World.

The container full of Master Creator kits left our warehouse in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. It hit shore a week ago. Our first container went through customs with a breeze. Not this time. Who did we encounter at the port? Officials from U.S. Customs and Border Control decided to do a standard check on our container. Fine by us, but this caused a small delay in our planned schedule. The friendly officials thought hard about what all the parts were for. Infento: “Well sir, this is like Meccano and Lego but then life size.” CBP official: “Ah ok, well great novel idea, I used to love construction toys. So, go ahead, take your container and go make some families happy!” What a friendly people from Customs. We talk again at our next shipment!

The container is now on its way to our warehouse in Chicago where we will unload all the kits. There we will label them and hand them over to our courier. We expect to start our deliveries next week, so please stay tuned! We will send out tracking numbers once we receive them.

Infento fans get creative

Keep those mails coming! We love receiving pictures, videos or building experiences. Below you can find a small compilation from our building backers that decided to put on their creative hat.

We sometimes get the question if you can build more rides from 1 kit. You can build one ride at a time, from one kit. If however, you are blessed with a heap of creativity, you can build more rides from one Master Creator kit.

Sven posted a picture on Facebook, that shows he has been very ‘infentive’ with the Infento parts. He managed to build two of his own creations, without any extra parts. He wrote ‘it took some puzzling’. The result is worth a great applause. Try and match this!

Below you see the result of yet another building mastermind. Daniel wrote us: ‘All the children in the neighbourhood have a three wheel scooter. Now my son has a scooter too :)’ We are positive that this ride will turn heads in the streets of Germany. Keep up the good work, Daniel!

Hildo sent us a few images, here is one with all boxes just opened. And a hidden fellow with a superbly matching outfit. Check out his red cap, shirt and socks! Stylish 🙂

This is Hildo’s son, busy constructing the Arrow.

And his sister joined in for some teamwork. Or actually; teambuilding.

What to do when the Swing is too big for one child alone? Hildo and the kids showed us that you can fix this by adding a seat. One providing the power, the second steering. A perfect way to work on the cooperation skills. Go right here little brother!

Sawfish cardboard rostrum

When you receive a kit you will also find 7 pieces of cardboard. What are these for? Time to reveal the secret of the items that look a lot like the extended nose (rostrum) of a sawfish… Well… they can be used as handy box dividers.

What to do with them? Fold the cardboards along the length of the longer side and press firmly. First place the 4 horizontal dividers in the red box. They have notches to put the 3 vertical ones in. You just have made yourself a box with 20 compartments to store all the fasteners in a smart way.

Now grab your laminated sheet and see how to divide the fasteners. Put all the nuts, bolts, washers (in their own plastic bags) in the right compartment. This way, you can find the right part in no time. Enjoy building!

Infento’s FAQ’s

A new round of FAQ’s. If you have other questions, feel free to mail us anytime.

Q: Is there a components list with images?
A: There will be one, we’re working on it!

Q: Where can I buy extra parts?
A: We are setting up a website where you will be able to buy spare and extra parts. This will allow you to build anything you can think of.

Q: What is the weight of an Infento kit?
A: The complete box with all the Junior kit parts weighs 20.5 kilos. A Creator kit is 42.3 kg, and the Master Creator is the champ with 51.3 kg.


Thanks for reading! We’ll meet again at the next corner.

As always, keep on riding,

Team Infento