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🤩 Infento® Zomer Deals: GRATIS Wonder Wheels® (€24,95) bij je Kit ✨ en GRATIS 6 Snow Glides® bij je Legend Kit! 🏂 Je hebt nog: d h m s
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29 Apr

Creative heroes building with Infento

Dear Infento fan,

Welcome to the second edition of Infento’s Modular Monthly newsletter. This month we are highlighting the diversity of the children that build with our Kits, our creative heroes.

Samuel Rüsch (42) works at a ‘special needs’ school in Switzerland.

Samuel Rush image

The school offers a learning environment for 25 normally gifted primary school children with behavioral issues who need individual support. Some have for example ADHD or autism spectrum disorder.

April is Autism Awareness Month. Even more reason to show that the kids building with Infento are as diverse as the product itself.

Samuel uses an Infento Kit at his school. Though his school is closed at the moment, like many schools worldwide, he was enthusiastic to share his story with us. We contacted him for an interview, to learn how he and the pupils experience Infento.

How did you find out about Infento?

“I saw your video on the internet and thought: Wow, that would be just right for our students. I am always looking for activities that can be done in pairs or in groups of three, which enables the students to have nice experiences with others.

Since we already have a lot of exercise-related offer, building with Infento helps to develop experience opportunities for students with other inclinations and talents. We mainly use Infento during breaks and during free play for students aged 9-13 years.”

at school with Infento kit

What does Infento teach the children?

“Infento is very inviting. It is obvious that the children learn a great deal technically. But I find the social aspects of building and playing with Infento particularly interesting.

When two or three children build a vehicle together, they automatically develop their social skills. It’s team work. They have to coordinate the different tasks amongst each other. Sometimes kids have to wait for each other. They learn to appreciate each other’s skills and to take their weaknesses into account.

Since the construction takes several hours depending on the vehicle, students learn to stay tuned to a project over a longer period of time. When developing a new vehicle together, the children also train important social skills such as finding a compromise, agreeing on decisions, dealing with failure, etcetera.

How did you and the kids experience building with Infento?

It’s a lot of fun. In the beginning we were constantly building new models. If a vehicle was finished, it was driven for a day, then the boys wanted to disassemble it again and build a new model.

To me the most exciting thing is when we convert existing models so that they become more stable. Some of our boys weigh a bit more and still want to go wild. So we modified the Twister so that even heavier children can ride it.”

Creativity is super power image
Raul building a Ride at his school in Switzerland

Which Ride is the kids’ favorite?

“We’ve already built a couple of models. I think the Swing is the kids’ favorite, because of its innovative design and cool steering.

Thank you Samuel, for sharing your experiences with us. We hope your school will soon be open again so you and the kids can get back to work… and play! 

Building together

Pupils at an innovative school in Wales (UK) have built an Infento Speedster for a fellow pupil.

Seven-year-old Ellie has balance and mobility problems and the tricycle seems a good fit. Great job class, you can be proud!

Infento children image

Makers of the Month

Joaquin and Adriana image

Joaquin and Adriana are makers of the month! 
Their dad Russel Torres tells us: “We love the Infento rides so much. Especially my kids.

That’s great to hear. We wish your family a lot of super adventures with Infento.

Excited? You can truly build anything with Infento. Check out all of our Kits and start building and bonding with your kid.