Wheelbarrow Racer XL

Remember walking on your hands while your mum or dad held your legs? The Wheelbarrow XL optimizes this fun game! Put your torso on the seat board and steer so you are in control which way you’re heading. Though the speed is up to the leg holder 😉

Kneeracer XL

A unique version of a scooter! Place one knee on the board and use your other leg to scoot forward. Because you are low to the ground, you will experience a sense of speed much quicker. A must try for any speed devil.


Ready for some 3-wheeled scooting? The Sirocco gives a new dimension to a kids scooter. It uses Infento’s revolutionary Lean to Steer System with Stabilizr elastics. Lean to the side to steer the Ride in the desired direction. The moment you stop leaning, the Sirocco will return to straight mode […]


Want to bring some toys to the park? This small trailer will carry anything you need. Your ball, drinks, or even the dog. Precious cargo on the way!


Your very own shopping cart, with swivel wheels at the front for swift steering. Take it to the store or create your own shop at home!


Help your parents in the garden and transport flowers or tools in this wheelbarrow. When it’s cold, why not take it inside and give your teddybear a tour around the house?

Arrow G1

Be as swift as an arrow with the coolest go-kart of the planet! Hop on and show your riding skills while maintaining comfort and safety. The Arrow will always let you ride out in style. There’s nothing wrong with a little showing off, right?


Learn how to keep balance and understand the concept of steering a bicycle. Height, distance to the steering handle bar and angle of the seat can all be adjusted. Very handy when you’ve grown a bit. With Roady 4 to 6 year olds will be ready for a real bike […]

Low Rider

The Low Rider guarantees you a steady and smooth ride thanks to the three 7-inch wheels. This ride-on is a classic that can’t be missed for developing essential motor skills. And not unimportant: you look awesome while cruising on the Low Rider :-).