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Hot Rod EDU

Meet our tribute to an iconic vehicle: The Hot Rod. This ePulse® System lowrider beauty will definitely turn some heads as you whizz by. And it’s not just the looks! With 20nm of torque at your fingertips, you’ll zoom away at a staggering 7 mph (11 km/h). Ready to claim […]

Minibike EDU

Electric fun on two wheels. A real minibike for the biker-minded girls and boys among us. The brushless DC motor of the ePulse® System makes for a great companion. Reliable, efficient and longer lasting. Excited? It’s time to zoom away full throttle!

Go-Kart EDU

This is Infento’s take on the childhood classic. Passionate about racing? You will definitely love the sporty design of this ride. The ePulse® System will ensure 45 minutes of continuous ride-time. When you need to pause, the disk brake will bring the ride to a halt in the blink of […]

Buster EDU

The driver sits high and dry, overlooking the streets. The dual-speed electric motor of the ePulse® System and the high-quality disk brake allow you to cruise around at your own pace. Got stuck? Just hit the reverse button but be sure to look behind you. 😉 We hope you’ll love […]

Quad EDU

This ATV-like ride is here to awake the young adventurer in you. The powerful dual-speed electric motor of the ePulse® System makes it easy to go through puddles and over road bumps with ease. If your expedition brings you to a dead end, there’s always that reverse button next to […]

2x Dash

This is a Ride where a partner in crime comes in handy. One sits, the other pushes. And after a while you can switch roles for maximum fun. Keep one hand on the handlebar and one on the drift activator at the back. Once you gain some speed, turn both […]

2x Cruiser

Cruising through the park is a lot fun with our Cruiser. This unique 3-wheeled scooter uses lean-to-steer: you simply use your body weight to move in the desired direction. The Cruiser follows. Thanks to its Stabilizr® system, once you stop leaning the ride will immediately reverse to its default position. […]

2x Caterpillar XL

Sit back in your seat, place your hands on the aluminum profile, put your feet on the handlebars at the front and start wiggling them from side to side. Once the swivel motion propels you forward like a kind of magic, it’s time to make your own obstacle course! Let […]

2x Funboard

This 3-wheel skateboard is a fun twist on the classic ride. At the front you have two high quality silicone wheels that ensure a super smooth ride. At the back there’s a larger wheel which minimizes friction and lets you cover great distances in no time. The Stabilizr® system makes […]

2x Flowmotion XL

The Flowmotion provides a fun and unexpected way of zooming around. The XL version has a longer aluminum profile and larger knee pads so older children can also join the fun! Put your feet on the back pads and start swaying the hips! The pressure from your weight and the […]