🤩 Infento® Speciale Deals: GRATIS Wonder Wheels® (€24,95) bij je Kit ✨ en GRATIS Snow Glides® bij je Legend Kit! 🏂 Je hebt nog: d h m s
🤩 Infento® Speciale Deals: GRATIS Wonder Wheels® (€24,95) bij je Kit ✨ en GRATIS Snow Glides® bij je Legend Kit! 🏂 Je hebt nog: d h m s

Hot Rod EDU

Meet our tribute to an iconic vehicle: The Hot Rod. This ePulse® System lowrider beauty will definitely turn some heads as you whizz by. And it’s not just the looks! With 20nm of torque at your fingertips, you’ll zoom away at a staggering 7 mph (11 km/h). Ready to claim […]

Minibike EDU

Electric fun on two wheels. A real minibike for the biker-minded girls and boys among us. The brushless DC motor of the ePulse® System makes for a great companion. Reliable, efficient and longer lasting. Excited? It’s time to zoom away full throttle!

Go-Kart EDU

This is Infento’s take on the childhood classic. Passionate about racing? You will definitely love the sporty design of this ride. The ePulse® System will ensure 45 minutes of continuous ride-time. When you need to pause, the disk brake will bring the ride to a halt in the blink of […]

Buster EDU

The driver sits high and dry, overlooking the streets. The dual-speed electric motor of the ePulse® System and the high-quality disk brake allow you to cruise around at your own pace. Got stuck? Just hit the reverse button but be sure to look behind you. 😉 We hope you’ll love […]

Quad EDU

This ATV-like ride is here to awake the young adventurer in you. The powerful dual-speed electric motor of the ePulse® System makes it easy to go through puddles and over road bumps with ease. If your expedition brings you to a dead end, there’s always that reverse button next to […]


Sun or snow. Summer or winter. Infento takes on every terrain and season! Simply turn your Rides into Glides with our awesome Snow Add-ons. Legend Snow is an Add-on for our Legend Kit. This Add-on lets you create 6 awesome Glides for children aged 1 to 14 years. This Add-on […]

Wheelbarrow Racer XL

Remember walking on your hands while your mum or dad held your legs? The Wheelbarrow XL optimizes this fun game! Put your torso on the seat board and steer so you are in control which way you’re heading. Though the speed is up to the leg holder 😉

Knee Racer XL

A unique version of a scooter! Place one knee on the board and use your other leg to scoot forward. Because you are low to the ground, you will experience a sense of speed much quicker. A must try for any speed devil.


Ready for some 3-wheeled scooting? The Sirocco gives a new dimension to a kids scooter. It uses Infento’s revolutionary Lean to Steer System with Stabilizr elastics. Lean to the side to steer the Ride in the desired direction. The moment you stop leaning, the Sirocco will return to straight mode […]


Want to bring some toys to the park? This small trailer will carry anything you need. Your ball, drinks, or even the dog. Precious cargo on the way!