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11 Jun

All kits and 18 rides

We have something very nice to show you. We are sure you will like it. In our last blog we told you that we have been very busy with product development. Well what have we been up to you might wonder? Toddlers will be very happy as well as kids and parents that encounter snow once in a while.

Infento Junior

We have created new models that really show the versatility of our unique material. Infento lets you really build anything you can think of and these new models are proof of that claim. We developed a kit called Infento Junior. With this kit you can build 6 rides (!) for little ones between 0 and 5 years old. The rides in the Junior kit can teach your child how to walk, bike and move. We are very excited about it and we hope you are too.

Infento Ski


Our team also created two Infento Ski add-ons. With these add-ons you can create really cool ski rides. In a brainstorm session someone came to the luminous idea to name these ski rides: glides. We tested them ourselves together with our children and oh boy, what a fun, they sure do glide, haha.

All kits and 18 rides


Are you interested to see all our 18 rides and the various kits that we offer? If so, click on this link and get our pdf:

Right now we are working on the pricing of our kits. Our goal is to reach a price level whereby really anyone will say: “whoa, that is real value for your money!” Since our plan is to only sell our kits online directly to you, we think you will be very happy with our price levels. And, of course, you will be the first one to know when we launch our long awaited Kickstarter campaign. This way you get the chance to buy our kits at specially reduced early bird prices. So please stay tuned!

Do you know any friends or family that would like to get a heads up on our launch so they can also benefit from the early bird discounts? Point them to our pre-launch website www.infentorides.com where they can leave their e-mail address. We would be very grateful if you help spread the word. Thank you!