26 Aug

See what we created for Teddy the dachshund

August 26th is the day of man’s best companion: The Dog.

Did you know that these furry friends most likely evolved from wolves?

About 15,000 years ago, domesticated wolves were used to help hunting, keep flocks together and warn for enemies.

We want to celebrate this by showing you a special creation. Infento lets you build anything you can think of, so we created something cool for Teddy, the Infento dachshund that loves to go for a ride with his buddies. 

Looking at Teddy, we can’t exactly see the connection with his wild ancestors ;-). But he sure is adventurous! He loves the wind through his ears, while looking around to see if he spots a dog friend along the way. And he did!

Click the image below for the video and see what happens!

(or click this text link)

Of course this is a ‚don’t try this at home‘. Teddy got an extensive training and is used to sitting in his Infento sidecar :).

After all the riding and running around with friends, now it’s time for some well deserved relaxing in the summer sun.

Enjoy your day and see you at the next turn!

Team Infento