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16 Apr

Spring is here!

Spring has started! A new season, a fresh start, a time of growth and outdoor fun. Shake off the heavy winter coat and welcome the warming sun rays on your skin. A great time for your kids to play outside with their Infento Ride.

Spring also means it’s Easter time. Bring on the bunnies and the eggs. But why are these symbols so tightly connected to Easter, like a knurled disc to a multi angle joint? Let’s find out in our short Easter FAQ!

The Eggy Questions that need answers

Why are eggs a symbol of Easter?

Eggs have always been seen a symbol of fertility and rebirth. So it makes sense that they got connected to Easter, because this day celebrates the resurrection of Christ in Christianity. In the week before Easter, the Holy week, one was not allowed to eat any eggs. These eggs were saved and decorated, in earlier centuries to give to the church or landlord, in late 19th and 20th century to give to children.  

“All life comes from an egg”-  Roman proverb

Where does the Easter bunny come from?

Bunny’s give birth to lots of babies. That’s why they also became a symbol of new life. The first association of a bunny with Easter was made in the 1700s. German settlers brought the story of the Easter bunny to Pennsylvania. The children believed that if they had been good the bunny would lay a nest of colored eggs for them.  

How much money is spent on Easter?

In the US, the total amount spent on Easter was over 21 billion dollars. Of which 3 billion was used for buying candy. And in the United Kingdom, 1.2 billion was spent on Easter celebrations. You can’t say that the Easter bunny is a stingy type!

What Easter traditions are there around the globe?

The Scottish people have a tradition of Easter egg rolling. The eggs are first boiled and painted, then taken to the park. The kids roll the eggs down a hill and the egg that comes the furthest wins. Detail: the egg may not break! 😉

In Mexico they fill eggs with confetti. Kids sneak up on their friends to break the egg above their head. This confetti shower is said to bring good luck.

Ukraine is the master of egg decoration. Here they use a batik method to apply the designs to the eggs. In Kolomyia there even is an egg shaped museum where you can see the most beautifully decorated eggs. Let’s hope the war did not devastate this remarkable building, in an already so sadly destroyed country.

Maker of the Month

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