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Check out these inspiring builds 😍

Longer days, warm sunbeams, the blooming of flowers… 🌸🌸 Guess who’s back, back again… Spring! A fresh splash of life that pleasantly surprises us every year. Spring is a period that boosts energy and creativity in everybody. Whether you are young or old, the artistic type or not. 

Everyone possesses infinite creativity in their brain, all you have to do is unleash it!

Let the sun shine! ☀️ Picture by Marin from Bulgaria.

Get creative with Infento

Use your spring boost to get creative with your Infento Kit and inspire your kids.
For a quick creative activity: challenge your kids to build a small animal from Infento parts. Maybe even a tiny dinosaur! 

Do you want something with wheels, to take outside to enjoy the fresh air? Build a small push cart or create your own soap box derby ride. And they’ll sure love to build a horse on wheels together with you.

There are no limits. You can truly build anything with Infento! 
Check out all of our Kits and start building and bonding with your children. The experience of successfully building something with your own hands is priceless. A family memory that will last a lifetime!

See for yourself… endless options!

Need some proof and inspiration? Thousands of Infento Fans from all over the world have already created their own inventions. From Tumbler to two-seater, from unicycle to painting machine. If you can dream it, you can build it.

Already seen this beauty? We can’t get enough of this Batman Tumbler, created by Michal. So much detail, so carefully designed. Check the video here to see it in action. 

Swing for two! Hildo added a seat to the Swing, so his two kids can enjoy it together. One pedals, one steers. Excellent for the cooperation skills!

Broom broom! Peejay created these custom Rides for his kids. Nice exhaust on the ‘motorcycle’ on the right! 🏍️

Turn on the wheel of creativity 😍 Matthew made this spin table using the ePulse electric motor. Apply the paint from the top and let the masterpiece be born!