Is your school ready for the 21st century?

The world is changing fast and all kinds of technology is being developing quickly. 65% of today's students will get a job which doesn’t even exist right now.

In a time where the progress outside of  schools seems to develop more rapid than ever, it is especially important for schools to invest in teaching students skills that are necessary for the 21st century, such as problem solving, creativity and technology.

Modular magic 
for a smart future

The development of the Infento Education Kits is based on teaching students to enhance their creativity and technical skills.

With the beautiful quality parts students can build technical constructions, science builds and life-size rides which they can actually use. A unique educational concept... which is also a lot of fun!


Creation of Infento

Infento was founded in 2010 in Amsterdam by Sander Letema and Spencer Rotting. The idea for the modular rides came about when Spencer was working as a volunteer with several youth organizations. With the kids he built simple rides to do little races.

He was amazed by how inventive the kids were and thought and dreamed of using better materials to help develop children' creativity. Together with his brother-in-law, Sander, he got right to making the dream a reality. After a lot of prototyping, testing and developing, the world's first life-size modular rides were created!

2 new education kits

Since 2019 we have two new education kits available. A Talent Kit and a Pro Kit.

    Talent Kit      Pro Kit
  • 5 Science builds
  • 5 electric rides
  • 8 life-size rides
  • 5 Science builds
  • 450+ modular parts
  • 8 life-size rides
  • Digital manuals
  • Digital manuals
  • Infinite creations
  • 1000+ modular parts
  • Tools
  • 3D models in SketchUp
Only €895,- incl. VAT!        Only €1795,- incl. VAT!

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