12 May

Snow in Spring & Creating Creators

Hey there Infento enthusiast!

We made a lot of headway in the last two weeks and we think we have another cool update for you! So buckle up and see what we have in store for you:

  • Snow Add-on Update
  • We’re creating Creator kits
  • BBC: “Infento is droolworthy”
  • Plan for coming weeks


Snow in spring

Everybody is busy as red and white bees at Infento’s production facility in Amsterdam. Our latest milestone is the dispatch of the Junior Kit with the Junior Snow Add-on to our European backers. This Add-on fits neatly in one box:

With the contents of this box and the parts from the Junior Kit your own little junior can do some serious sliding and gliding. Just grab your hex key and build these four awesome Junior glides:

And yes, we are fully aware of the fact that spring is currently in full swing. But hey, how about getting some practice at an indoor ski centre to prepare for next winter?

Creating Creator Kits

Not only did we work on the Junior Snow orders, we’re also creating Creator kits. This is another landmark for us, because it’s the first time we produce Creator kits for other folks than ourselves. We made a couple of kits for testing, prototyping and for our own fun but now they are really rolling of our assembly lines and they shortly will be shipped to families around the world. Very exciting!

We already showed you the Junior kit in a previous update. When you order a Creator kit these are the extra boxes on top of the Junior kit boxes that you receive:

Pretty nice picture, right? We had fun shooting this photo. We guess you are also intrigued to get a helicopter view of our Creator Kit. In total you get seven boxes (including two big outer protection boxes) and one crate, so we need two pictures to show you everything.

Looking at this overview of all the parts increased our Infento heart rate at least a little. As the song goes; ‘You’ve got this strange effect on me, and I like it!‘ We hope our customers share this feeling when opening the boxes. And maybe now you can also understand a bit better that it really is a hell of a job to produce and assemble hundreds and hundreds of these kits. But rest assured, we’re not complaining. To the contrary, we do it with a big smile on our face!

Do you need a refresher about the rides that you can build with our Creator Kit? Let us walk (or ride) you through them. First of all, the Creator Kit includes all the Junior Kit parts, so that’s 7 rides already (if you include the new Trimax building option). The Creator Kit allows you to create 4 large extra rides; the Arrow, Runner, B-Trike and Biker. In case your little Infento fan is 4 years or older, these four models will be a fantastic fit and will guarantee great fun all the way up to an age of 10 years!


It is always interesting to hear what other people think of our creation that is called Infento. Especially when it comes from reputable media like the British Broadcasting Corporation, in short BBC, or Beeb if you wanna go with the national nickname.

Journalist David Gibson looked at various designers that created bicycles that can change with the varying needs of the rider. He especially liked Infento and used the word droolworthy.In the world of convertible, growing locomotion, the most droolworthy must be Infento. This modular kit handles kids from before their first steps (in wagon mode) all the way up to their teens (with a recumbent trike).

According to the dictionairy droolworthy is something that makes someone overly excited and is worth salivating over. Our kits are water and weather proof so if you get the same reaction as David (which we hope!) it will not hurt your Infento kit one bit. Check out the full article: “Out of one bicycle, many“.

Plan for the coming weeks

Our plan is to have all the Junior and Creator kits for the North American crowdfunding backers ready in the coming week. All the Creator kits for the European market will be finished and shipped around the same time. We will load the kits destined for North America on a cargo ship in a 20 feet container that will cross the Atlantic.

Once they arrive in the harbor we will move them to our warehouse in Chicago and from there we will send them out by courier to families that are eagerly awaiting their kit.

When we’ve put these kits in the container we immediately start with the Creator kit orders for the rest of the world. And once we’re finished with that we march on with all the Master Creator kits. We’re still on track with our previous timeline of finishing the production of all the Kickstarter orders around the end of May. Of course the Infento kits still need to travel to their final destination and this can take a couple of days (Europe) up to six weeks (Asia, Australia) depending on where you live.

As you can read we are close to complete all the Kickstarter orders. Phewww. We’re really looking forward to that milestone! But of course we don’t stop there. See it as our first lap on the race track to warm up our tires. In our next lap we will produce a new batch of pre-orders that were placed on our website. It will be a busy spring and summer, that’s for sure!

As always, keep on riding, see you at the next turn!

Team Infento