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29 Sep

“One of the coolest kids toys ever”

Our Kickstarter campaign is live for 27 days now. There are only 7 days left where people can place an order and support us. Time flies. Our journey though is already 7 years long and few have known of our existence during all these years.

Only family and close friends shared all our ups and downs while we worked on our huge challenge of developing world’s first real constructible rides. We’ve certainly come a long way since this very first ride, although she is still very charming.

Now all our effort seems to converge in this short period. We feel like we bursted on the scenes and frankly we couldn’t have been more happy with all the media attention that we received since we launched our campaign. We always thought our invention was something incredibly cool, but hey, that’s a pretty subjective attitude, right? Now it seems we’re not alone in our thinking.

We have more than 30,000 Facebook fans, almost 3,000 people signed up for our newsletter and we received tremendous attention in the media. How 7 years of hard work can be acknowledged by the public in just a couple of weeks. Wow. We can say to ourselves that Infento is something unique, but what truly matters is the opinion of others. We can’t live without the support from the outside world. So what do other people have to say about us you wonder? In this newsletter we will share some highlights with you of Infento in the media since our launch.

Infento in print and online media

Our story and product received worldwide coverage. Everyday we wake up and discover that new articles have been written about Infento.

You can imagine that we eat breakfast with a big smile these days! Of course we are very much aware that this will not continue at the same pace in the future so we enjoy this time to the fullest. Here is a selection of media outlets that wrote about us:

And here are some very nice quotes from journalists:

One of the coolest kids toys ever.” (Crowdfundinginsider)

Impressive attention to detail, yet all the rides can be assembled with just a hex key.” (Gizmag)

No other can take on 18 vehicle formsInstead of purchasing a traditional tricycle then a bike with training wheels and so on, Infento looks to make buying a bicycle for your child a one-time occurrence.” (Trendhunter)

Take it apart and build something new. Plus you get to help and pass along a love of creative thinking. Time well spent, old man.” (Insidehook)

Imagine getting to create something with your kids that becomes something they can actually ride.” (Bikerumor)

Meccano & Lego meet IKEA” (Ipswichspy)

Very cool! Not only is this fun, but it can be very educational for your kids.” (Want)

If you’re looking for something relevant to children in today’s world of tinkering, look no further than the Infento Kit.” (HiConsumption)

Infento takes the experience of building Legos with your kid and super sizes it.” (Uncrate)

I remember childhood well enough to know I would have been super stoked by this product. Shoot, if they made an adult version, I’d be ready to test it out right now.” (Gearjunkie)

Infento on TV and Radio

Not only were we featured on tons of online and print media. We also received requests from television and radio. This was a whole new experience for us. Suddenly we are on Dutch national TV. Not once, but twice. Makeup, studio lights, mic under your nose. The whole shebang. It was cool to see that even the host of the show couldn’t resist the temptation to take a ride on one of our models 🙂

Radio also wanted to hear more about our story and we were on air while everybody was stuck in Monday morning traffic. One of the few times we enjoyed a traffic jam, haha. And next month we will be featured on the biggest show of Norway. Half of Norway will sit on their couch and watch the consumer show with the for non-Norwegians beautiful name Forbrukerinspektørene.

You might think all the attention will give us a deadly shot of hubris.

Although we very much enjoy our minute of fame, we know that we are still at the beginning of our adventure. Yes, even after 7 years of hard work. We hope to create a legacy where the name Infento will be just as known as Lego or Meccano. Incredibly tough challenge? Yes. Impossible? No. We want to inspire children to think big. To create. To make. To instill a mindset that nothing is impossible. So, yup, we just practice what we preach :-).

And we are very much aware that you, the people who are interested in our blogs, early and real supporters made these very important first commercial steps of Infento possible. We are very very grateful for your support!

Keep on riding,

Team Infento

PS our Kickstarter campaign is going through the roof! Whoaaaaa! Thanks so much for your continuous support! Check out how we are doing right now: