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08 Jun

Infento is live on Kickstarter! Again! 🚀

Today is the BIG DAY! We’re live on Kickstarter!

Check all details here

Are you ready for our new inventions? We’re presenting a massive expansion of the Infento universe, including:  


On top of these three inventions we’ve got more for you, MUCH more :-). Allow us to introduce 6 brand new Kits and a whopping total of 32 rides!!

6 brand new kits GIF

Say hello to the ‘Gecko’, the ‘Ox’ and the ‘Caterpillar’. Meet the ‘Cyclone’ and the ‘Tornado’. And what about our 100% electric friends like the ‘Bender’, the ‘Minibike’ and the ‘Buster’.

They will allow you to race, spin and move like never before! Power up your ride and go wild. Become an Explorer or a Pioneer. Be Smart or even a Genius! And remember, in the end there is only place for a few Legends.

The icing on the cake? We think the prices will surprise you, in a pleasant way… And for the first few early birds, we even have some extra discount. What’s not to like?!

Want to see all the new inventions, kits and rides in action?

Show me now!

See you on Kickstarter,

Team Infento