🎁 Infento Special May Deals: FREE Wonder Wheels ✨ & FREE Legend Snow Glides 🏂 While stocks last!
🎁 Infento Special May Deals: FREE Wonder Wheels ✨ & FREE Legend Snow Glides 🏂 While stocks last!
19 Jun

Heartwarming Feedback & Finish Line ahead? 

Hey there Infento supporter!

We have been running around like determined ants. The warehouse looks like it has been transformed into an Infento anthill. Red boxes everywhere with worker ants running around filling them with parts. A very pretty sight if we take the time to a look at it from the sidelines!

Almost all of the Kickstarter kits are now out of the door. We receive a lot of feedback and photo’s from backers that have already built rides with their family. We really get a huge boost from this. And we think you will too. Check out some heartwarming pictures in this newsletter below.

This is the line-up we have for you:

– Shipping update
– Heartwarming feedback with inspiring pictures!
– Infento’s FAQ’s

 Shipping update

Here follows the shipping forecast 😉 And we think you will like it.

First, the US. As we mentioned on Kickstarter, we have distributed the Junior and Creator kits to our backers in the US. If you haven’t received it yet, you will hear the sound of your doorbell in the next few days. And what about the Master Creator kits, you wonder? At the beginning of the week, we loaded another container. This will travel to the other side of the Atlantic and it will take a couple of weeks to get to our warehouse in Chicago. We hope the captain will put his foot down, so our shipment will get to it’s destination quickly.

The news for European backers; the Junior and Creator kits have been received by everybody. All the EU Master Creator kits have been dispatched to our courier. Either you have already received it or you will receive the MC kit in the coming days.

Don’t worry if we haven’t yet mentioned your country. The packages for the rest of the world will start their journey by ship next week. Depending on where you live exactly, your Infento package will arrive in 2 to 7 weeks.

To summarize: the Kickstarter finish line is very very close! Our team will pull of a final sprint in Cipollini-style. Will we have a pile of time on our hands after that? Not a chance. There’s a lot of work to be done; from scaling up production to getting our full website online. We have a huge amount of pre orders and our goal is to make a lot more people happy with an Infento kit as fast as we can.

Heartwarming feedback

We massively enjoy receiving opinions and pictures from our backers. This is a great way to remind us why we started this company in the first place; create an unique product that triggers creativity and makes families connect.

We have made a small selection for you, so you can see a couple of little backers with their rides.

First up: the picture that Stefan sent us, showing his son sitting on his Rider. We’ll use Stefan’s comment as the picture title: ‘Very happy with his new bike‘. Indeed, he looks like he proudly mastered this ride!

Next is the famous unboxing moment, photographed by Gert and shared by him on Twitter. The tweet reads: ‘YES! It’s here! Very impressed so far by all the components.’

After some avid building, Gert posted another tweet. His 6 year old son had to write down his hobby’s and look what the answer was:

On the bottom line, he states what his future profession will be; an inventor. So cool to see this! If Infento can contribute just a little to make dreams come true, we are very pleased.

Here is the inventor-to-be, with his sister, after finishing their first build.


Marcus dropped us a message on Facebook:

Dear Infento Team! The parcels arrived Friday. It was like Christmas, in a rainy german summer. Unpacking was the same nature as unpacking an Apple product, but with more “wow” effect. I was so happy to invest in your idea of rides. My son is 6 years old and was first a little bit “disappointed” because of so many parts without seeing a goal. After a time, he saw the first results and was very upset to finish the ride. As we finished the arrow, he hated me, because he was too tall for the ride, but recognized that we can change it to his size, by discovering what we have to change. Now there is a bigger size of the arrow. Thanks for your passion!

How awesome is this? Inventivity to the max! You can also see the testdrive video Marcus made, right here.

Last but not least, some great action pictures from Inne and his kids. Thumbs up from his daughter included :).

Inne and family have been quite busy the last days. Soon after building the first ride, his daughter gave another thumbs up. Check her out riding on this second build, the cool Infento Biker:

Inne wrote us: ‘Dear heroes from Infento (those are his words, we don’t make this up ;)), how you manage to make kids and young parents happy! I’ve been building rides with my kids the entire weekend, lovely. I could never have imagined that my son and daughter would dive into this with such passion and energy.’

Wow! We are speechless. Inne: many, many big thumbs up to your family from the whole Infento team!

Thanks to all the backers for their feedback. And remember; keep spamming us, we are eager to hear your opinion and suggestions. Pictures and video’s are just as welcome.

Infento’s FAQ’s

We get a lot of mails with questions from you. We’ll go through a couple of these.

Q: Where do I find the manuals?
A: You can find the manuals here: www.infentorides.com/manuals

Q: Can I build 2 rides from 1 Infento kit?
A: You can build 1 ride from 1 kit. In the future you will be able to purchase extra parts from our webshop. That way you can easily build multiple rides without having to buy a whole extra kit.

Q: When can I order an Infento kit?
A: There is a huge demand for our kits. You can place a pre-order on www.infentorides.com. We will need about four months to deliver. Scaling up production is a big job. We do the best we can!


That’s it for now. We’ll chat again at the next stage.

As always, keep on riding,

Team Infento