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29 Aug

Why creativity is key! ? The road to future success

We live in a rapidly changing world full of new technologies. Today’s kids need different skills and abilities to head towards a successful future career. ‘21st Century Skills’ include problem solving, technique and last but not least; creativity.

The good news: Every child has the potential to be a creative genius! Studies prove creativity is not something that one has or hasn’t got. Dr. Puccio is a professor at The State University of New York at Buffalo for Studies in Creativity. This is how he explains it: “You’re human and you have an imagination. You are wired to be creative.” For kids this asset is much easier to develop than for adults. Young minds are still highly kneadable.

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The issue is, we tend to forget to encourage the creativity of kids in early childhood. Children today are less creative than kids in 1990 (measured by Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking). Schools and society often focus on high grades and big achievements. While the jobs of tomorrow ask for creative souls; in the health industry, in tech firms, in all the challenges we face to keep the earth liveable for the next generations.

Why is creativity so important for the future success of children? Let’s have a look at the important aspects that are inherent to creative thinking:

The Importance of Creativity

Schools often don’t have the time or means to nurture vital skills like creativity. What can you do as a parent to help your kids? Easy! You can hand them the tools to start their creative journey. Infento’s modular building Kits allow for a kid to actually build something they can use afterwards. Let them get familiar with the material. Let them create, puzzle, solve, imagine, dream.

Kids are incredibly original thinkers and Infento challenges their minds. This way they develop the 21st Century Skills for their future. While building they not only unleash creativity. They will learn to solve complex problems, use their imagination and get familiar with technique. Let’s start this new school year with new skills.

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See all the Kits here and begin your creative journey.

Learning by playing/doing is the best way to develop important 21st Century Skills. 

Keep on riding!

Team Infento