🎁 Infento Special May Deals: FREE Wonder Wheels ✨ & FREE Legend Snow Glides 🏂 While stocks last!
🎁 Infento Special May Deals: FREE Wonder Wheels ✨ & FREE Legend Snow Glides 🏂 While stocks last!
17 Aug

Check out our Skibock, Supersledge and Icebreaker

This week we introduce our Big Snow Add-on. What can you expect from this Add-on? Well, truly unlimited snow fun for the whole family. Yes, these glides are not only for your kids, but also for you.

Have you ever heard of a Skibock? Well it’s bound to become the new sensation on the ski slopes! Check out this short videoclip to see our Skibock and the other glides in action before we give you more details about Big Snow:

Or click this link: Infento Big Snow Add-on Video

Big Snow Add-on

Big Snow is an Add-on for the Creator or Master Creator Kit. Big Snow does its name justice. It let’s you build 8 glides, namely Supersledge, Icebreaker, two Skibocks and all the 4 Junior Snow models. The Big Snow Add-on will guarantee happy faces for the whole family. Toddlers can slide of the hill together with dad, mom or grandpa. In for even more action? Construct two Skibocks, give one to your child, grab one yourself and do a downhill snow race together!


Sometime between 1920 and 1930 a family in Switzerland constructed the first rudimentary Skibock. It was used by children to go to school faster. Now it’s looking to become the new hot thing for the winter holiday!

So what is it? A Skibock is a combination of a ski with a sledge. It is real fun and safe because you are low to the ground. You steer with your hand, feet and weight and you brake with your feet. It is super easy to learn, you already get the hang of it after two or three times sliding of the slope.

The Skibock is also very portable and light, so you can easily bring it along. Check the video above to see action shots of the Skibock.


What is so super about our Supersledge?? Well, first of all it looks much much cooler than all the other sledges you have ever seen. But more importantly, it allows you and your child to have a fantastic glide down the snowy hills.

The seating is very comfortable and the unique broad skis give a great grip for the both of you. Your child can put its hands onto the handles for convenience and to ensure safety.


The Icebreaker is our version of a snow chopper. This one is so cool, a lot of kids will be jealous once they see Icebreaker going downhill with speed and grace. Put your feet on the footrest, grab the steer and go wherever you like on the slope. It’s really that easy.

Pricing of Big Snow Add-on

The price for the Big Snow Add-on is only $150. This means you pay less than $20 for every glide! Remember, Big Snow comes as an Add-on, so you first need to get your hands on a Creator or Master Creator Kit to build all glides. We think the pricing is extremely attractive to extend the fun of your Infento Kits into the winter. For comparison purposes: only one Skibock of Skibockerl costs $210 and the Skibock Champion of Balancer comes at a price of $380. With our Big Snow Add-on you can build not one, but two Skibocks. And of course all other glides. Now, that’s value for money.

In our next blog update we want to share a new product with you that we are currently testing. We are veryyy psyched about it. All right, here’s one word as a hint: electricity… Stay tuned and keep on riding!