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Infento dragster image
04 Dec

Can you build a life-sized Electric Drag Race Car with Infento?!

Infento fans all over the world are building awesome creations together with their children. You can follow our manuals to construct one of Infento signature Rides or you can use our 100% modular parts to build your very own creation. And this is exactly what a very creative family did!

The Wittholz family from Germany love the look of a Junior Top Fuel Dragster race car and took on the challenge to see if they could build their own electric driven version.

race car photo

They made a design on paper, selected all the parts from their Legend Kit and started building. And now you can check out their awesome creation!

A real life-size electric drag race car for kids! Check out the video below to see it in action!

After building, it’s time to race with your own creation! 🙂

Isn’t it a real eyecatcher?! You can be sure the Wittholz kids learned a lot of technical skills in the process. Not to mention the huge amounts of fun they will have riding it :-).

Here are some close-up photo’s so you can get some insight and inspiration if you want to construct a similar version with your child.

construct kits photo
construct kit image
construct kit from behind
infento kit outside photo
infento race kit photo
infento race kit photo
infento kids racing
infento kit wheels photo
infento and the wheels photo

We really love the insane stuff that Infento fans all around the world are creating! Thank you so much Wittholz family for sharing all the video’s and photo’s about your creations. Your family are really true makers!

Inspired? Get your Infento Kit out and build your own creation with your child! They will learn much needed 21st century skills while having a lot of fun and lots of quality time in the process.

Don’t have a Kit yet? Check them out in our online store!

Keep on riding,

Team Infento

P.S. did your family make a cool Infento creation that you want to share with the rest of the world? Post it on social media with the tag #infento or send your video/photo’s to support@infento.com. Your creation can inspire many other kids all over the world!