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09 Sep

A new chapter, new creations and a time-lapse video ?

Good day Infento fan!

We’re adding a cool feature to our new location: we made a start with a display of all our rides, at high altitude. A nice way to keep an eye on our different models. Though we doubt our cleaner is happy with this. Some alpine climbing talent is essential to dust these off. And this blue colour has to go of course :-).

A new stage, new kits

Every single Kickstarter order has been shipped. We take this opportunity to thank every backer again, for believing in our product. Without you, no Infento would have been born.

Crossing the Kickstarter finish means we are getting ready for our next stage. So what’s the plan? We are very busy with the production and assembly of new kits. There is a huge demand for the kits and we do everything we can to speed up production. You can place a pre-order at our website and very very soon we will give the first group of people that were the first to do a new pre-order after the Kickstarter campaign an opportunity to get a kit! We’ve almost finished 750 new kits for this purpose. So if you are one of these early birds: keep an eye out for an Infento mail!

At the same time, we gather all the feedback from our building backers, to implement improvements. We aim for perfection and your help is very much appreciated! In between, we are moving things like desks and shelving units to our new offices.

Two rides from one kit & new ride creations!

We love receiving pictures from our building backers! It’s so cool to see that our kits, our ‘babies’ are now riding all over the world.  And everybody is really creative with their Infento kit, just what we hoped what would happen!

We have another backer who managed to build 2 rides from one Master Creator kit. Peejay Alicaya wrote us: ‘Managed to create 2 rides from the MC kit. Thanks Team Infento!’  You are very welcome Peejay. Compliments on that awesome helmet. Show them your teeth!

Joe Pirelli (maybe a relative of the famous tire manufacturer), and now also the inventor of a smaller version of the Trivelo, dropped us this message:

‘We just got our Master Creator kit. I managed to build the Tricycle. I also found it was still too big for my kid, so I changed the angles and the long (320 mm) profile with a 240 mm. This allows altering the head tube angle, which can bring the pedals closer to the seat and the shorter down tube still allows sufficient head tube angle to the ground for stability. I also purposefully let the seat lean forward to make sure he sits closer to the front.’

Our friend Inne and his kids are unstoppable creators. This time they lifted our spirits by mailing us some of their own creations. First one is a unicycle! For real? Yeah, no kidding! He added that this ‘will take a lot of practise‘, but as you can see, his daughter is ready to take the challenge.

Next; the four wheeled skateboard. No doubt this thing will make a splash when rolling through the neighbourhood!

Time-lapse video: an Arrow in 2:09 mns

In our previous newsletter, we also called for more video’s. And we have gotten response. Our superbacker Job made a super cool (and funny) time-lapse video. Check it here! Thanks, Job!

Infento’s FAQ’s

Here is a brand new round of FAQ’s. If you have a different question, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always willing to help you out.

Q: What is the status of the e-drive?
A: The e-drive is in full development. This is a completely new product for us with lots of parts and suppliers. We have an external team assisting us. A newsletter with a full update about the e-drive status will follow soon.

Q: Will you be offering a storage system in the future?
A: Yes, we are working on a storage system. But the design is still in the early stage and it will take some time before you can buy it in our shop. It’s on our to do list though. We are looking for a smart and durable solution that also has to be affordable.
Thank you for your support! See you at the next pit stop.

As always, keep on riding,

Team Infento