Master Kit

⚡ ePulse® Ready

Master Kit

Ages 0-14
32 Rides

Introducing the all-new Master Kit. Your child will be able to choose from 32 Rides! Not only can you build loads of new creations but also some true and tested Infento classics like the Arrow and Bulldog go-karts. An entire childhood-long fun, building and riding. 0 to 14 years. From toddler to teenager, with just a single Kit.

Only per Ride!
The classic Infento kit, now bigger and better
What you can build with your family - 32 Rides!
Arrow G3
Arrow G3
Bulldog G3
Bulldog G3
B-Trike G2
B-Trike G2
Swing G3
Swing G3
+ All Genius Kit rides
Rider G2
Booster G2
Trimax G2
Balancer G2
Skitter G2
Gecko G2
Caterpillar G2
Twister G2
Biker G3
Speedster G2
Flowmotion XL
Caterpillar XL
Gecko XL

8 Inch Wheels

Build a real go-kart with these comfortable big rubber tires. The profile provides traction on all sorts of surfaces.


Learn how to use pedals to move forward, and prepare yourself for future cycling and go-kart journeys!

4 Inch Wheels

Swivel, turn, drift, play! These small wheels offer easy maneuvers indoors and unlimited spinning fun outdoors.

7 Inch Wheels

These versatile 7 inch wheels will accompany you on all your adventures. From first baby steps to balancer and scooter.


Not an iron chain but a maintenance-free rubber toothed belt. Safe, clean and durable. Now with a belt shield!

Stabilizr® System

A unique system that triggers development. Improve your balance and learn how to lead your ride in the desired direction.

Disc Brake

A big disc brake with brake pads. Just like on a car or motorcycle! This will ensure you of quick and safe stops.

Large Rides

Includes 3 pedal go karts and a recumbent tricycle. Discover the world on these large Rides!

Everything you receive in one box
Infinite inventions parts Rides
Kit details:
Ages: 0-14
Add new features and functionality to this kit!
Expand the awesomeness
1 Add-ons
Ages 4+

Take your creativity further and faster than you ever did before. Use our brand new ePulse® System to power up rides that would otherwise be powered by a belt and pedals. Step 1: remove the pedals. Step 2: add the motor. Step 3: have fun! Compatible with Genius, Master and Christmas Edition Kits.

1 Add-ons
Ages 4+

Looking to brighten up the dark winter days? Want to give your child something to personalize his or her Infento ride? Infento LED is what you need. Just click the strip in the profile and choose the effect you like. Time to ride and shine!

4 Add-ons
Ages 3+

Time to go outside and explore. Record your Infento adventures while keeping your hands safely on the handlebars. The Mount will make sure every minute is captured. Make your own show, while exploring the world around you. Ready for some action?

1 Add-ons
Ages 4+

Can you ride at the speed of light? Yes, you can! This bright Add-on consists of two 4 inch Wonder Wheels. When the wheels rotate, the magic happens: sparkly, colored lights will ignite.

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