⚡ ePulse® electric motor Included

Go to Legend Kit Upgrade

Ages 3-13
2 Rides

This is all you need to get to the level of our flagship Legend Kit. Does that mean the ePulse® System is included? YEAH! Power up any ride that would otherwise be powered by a belt and pedals. Many hours of quality time with your kids guaranteed.

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Everything you could wish for
What you can build with your family - 2 Rides!
Swing G3
Swing G3
+ All Go Kit rides

8 Inch Wheels

Build a real go-kart with these comfortable big rubber tires. The profile provides traction on all sorts of surfaces.

ePulse® System

Discover the power of electricity. Turn your ride into an electric vehicle and be the new Elon Musk!


Learn how to use pedals to move forward, and prepare yourself for future cyclingand go-kart journeys!

4 Inch Wheels

Swivel, turn, drift, play! These small wheels offer easy maneuvers indoors and unlimited spinning fun outdoors.


Not an iron chain but a maintenance-free rubber toothed belt. Safe, clean and durable. Now with a belt shield!

Stabilizr® System

A unique system that triggers development. Improve your balance and learn how to lead your ride in the desired direction

Disc Brake

A big disc brake with brake pads. Just like on a car or motorcycle! This will ensure you of quick and safe stops.

Large Rides

Includes 3 pedal go karts and a recumbent tricycle. Discover the world on these large Rides!

Everything you receive in one box
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Kit details:
Ages: 3-13
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