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Infento in the media

Infento makes everybody drool and wakes up the inner engineers in pupils.

I haven’t seen anything this great in a long time. How cool is it for kids to drive around the school on their own vehicle.

Infento is a huge enrichment for education. It is the perfect way to enhance and develop engineering skills in children.

User friendly and accessible. Pupils can work autonomously and they are enthusiastic because it links perfectly into their world.

Infento offers a creative and challenging way for kids to learn valuable skills for their future.

“I tried a range of Infento vehicles and had a blast on all of them. Each seemed solid, safe, and sturdy, even when someone twice the size of an average 14-year-old was using them.”

“Infento is inspiring the next generation of makers and innovators to make the world a better place.”

Infento scores on Kickstarter with build-your-own-ride concept.

Like Lego, K’NEX, or, most similarly, Meccano, Infento lets you build a model vehicle from individual parts using minimal tools but with one notable difference: the result is actually human sized and rideable, albeit for children and young teenagers.

Infento is kind of like an Erector set for wagons, bikes, trikes, and snow sleds. The kid-sized vehicles are constructed from dozens of supplied components using a hex key, letting kids and parents work together to build various new rides.

The creators of this device want to make sure you won’t buy a different kiddie ride for your child every time he grows up. Instead, you have one that changes accordingly. We have to admit this kit is quite impressive and we’re pretty sure it would make for a hell of a present.

Remember the fun you had with your Erector Set when you were a kid? Well, now a company called Infento is making an Erector Set on steroids that can be used to build tricycles, wagons, or even full-on recumbent bikes.

The emphasis here is on a modular design that promotes ease of use and assembly, and do-it-yourself goodness that is sure to inspire curious youngsters to tinker and make more of their own stuff.

An Infento Kit can be constructed into 12 different types of rides for your kids from ages 0 The gift that keeps on giving!

Parents will also have a lot of fun with the constructing and deconstructing of rides and in the mean time their children will learn about engineering.

I remember childhood well enough to know I would have been super stoked by this product. Shoot, if they made an adult version, I’d be ready to test it out right now.

Infento is like a real-size Lego or Meccano kit where you can build unlimited real rides together with your child!

No other can take on 18 vehicle forms. Instead of purchasing a traditional tricycle then a bike with training wheels and so on, Infento looks to make buying a bicycle for your child a one-time occurrence.

Give a kid some blocks or LEGO bricks, and she’ll build towers, bridges, castles, and all sorts of other contraptions. Give a kid an Infento, and you won’t believe what she’ll create.

If you’re looking for something relevant to children in today’s world of tinkering, look no further than the Infento Kit.

Meccano & Lego meet IKEA.

Very cool! Not only is this fun, but it can be very educational for your kids.

Imagine getting to create something with your kids that becomes something they can actually ride.

One of the coolest kids toys ever.

Impressive attention to detail, yet all the rides can be assembled with just a hex key.

Take it apart and build something new. Plus you get to help and pass along a love of creative thinking. Time well spent, old man.

“Infento created a sort of super Lego that lets children build their own bike, go-kart or race car that they can ride themselves.”

“When your kids grow up, just take it apart and build a new ride.”

The trouble with Lego is that you’re effectively building a minifig slave, toiling away to build a castle or speedboat for them to enjoy. Infento is better – it’s a life-size construction toy you get to both build and ride.

“Your offspring grows like weed and to keep up with that you keep on buying clothing, beds and chairs. For children rides there is now a solution. Infento.”

Childhood is an evolutionary period, that unfortunately, is riddled with waste. In response, two Dutch designers Spencer Rotting and Sander Letema created Infento.

Infento takes the experience of building Legos with your kid and super sizes it.

“In the world of convertible, growing locomotion, the most droolworthy must be Infento. From trike to bike and beyond: The transforming-transport trend reaches its zenith with the multi-talented Infento.”