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The Infento Education Kit is especially designed for schools. Infento is the perfect solution to bring pupils of all ages in touch with engineering. Children build structures that are close to their experiences and make use of real materials and techniques. The Infento Education Kit uniquely combines creativity, development of technical insight and fun.


Suppose you have a great idea. But how do you convert this into something real? Isn’t it simply too difficult, a bridge too far? This is where Infento goes the extra mile to help you. How can you help someone to realise his/her ideas? With materials that do not deter people, but that almost invite you to start creating. Not material with which you build structures that stay abstract or miniature size, but material with which you can create lifelike structures that you can really use.



All parts were developed in such a way that they can always be reused for another structure. Year after year Infento material can be transformed into new shapes and structures. The Infento Education only includes material of the highest quality, so your school can experience unprecedented levels of fun for a long time to come.

Strong, easy to use and incredibly versatile modular construction material

  • Aluminium profiles of various lengths provides endless possibilities.
  • Super modular connectors ensure that any shape can be made.
  • Wheels, steering wheel, brakes, driving belts and steering arms make great vehicles possible.
  • Block bearings and axles ensure that movement and rotation is easily within reach.
  • An Allen key and a spanner are the only tools required.
  • All parts in the Kit are 'clean' (no oil or grease necessary), you could get started in your living room.


Infento is suitable for all levels and ages

Infento is great for all levels. From beginner to advanced. For both young and old. Infento materials offer everyone the opportunity to make fantastic structures.

Possibilities of the education package

The education package can be used for multiple levels.

Kit Part niveau1 image

For an initial introduction to engineering and design technology, children between the age of 3 and 6 can build structures based animals. In this case only 2 types of bolts, 1 type of nut and 2 connectors are needed.

Kit part layout image niveau

Somewhat older pupils can challenge themselves to use a limited number of connectors and bolts to come up with something themselves and build it.

Kit wheels image niveau3

The next level allows pupils to build so-called “key objective structures”. Specifically focused on driving, braking and steering. These structures are also well suited for activities in small groups of 4 to 6 pupils.

niveau image

Four large models (rides) show what is possible when teaching yourself design technology. Learning with Infento means that pupils get to cooperate a lot. There are cross-curricular elements such as calculating, size designations and reading comprehension.

niveau5 on desktop image

The highest level is your own imagination. At Level 5 pupils can develop their own structure. Anything is possible. It is the challenge to start with an idea and then turn it into a lifesize creation. At this level we offer the possibility to use the 3D software Sketchup. Pupils can eventually even use a 3D printer to print their own add-on material.


The education package is supplied in stackable boxes on an easy to move base. The boxes are strong and fitted with layout sheets that help during building.


What's in the box?



  • all profiles and axles


  • wheels
  • seats
  • shock absorber
  • steering parts and all tools

LOW BOX 2X (40X60X9CM)

  • all connectors
  • handles
  • toothed belts
  • braking parts


  • all assembly materials (bolts, nuts, spacers, profile nuts)

An exact overview of all parts is digitally available, given the length of this list, a global layout is indicated above.



The educational material is available in both printed and digital formats.

The instructions on how to build all our structures and vehicles are very easy to follow and walk you through every step.


The Infento Education Kit can be used for:

  • Primary Education
  • Practice Education
  • Lower Vocational Education
  • Lower General Secondary Education


The price of the Infento Education Kit for schools is only 1,895.00 USD. The Education Kit gives your school 5 boxes full of unique construction materials. It includes educational material for various key objectives as well as manuals that are available in printed and digital versions. With the boxes, pupils can build an unprecedented number of structures, including 13 children rides.

Questions? Please send an e-mail to: edu@infento.com