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Upgraden Sie Ihr Kit auf eine höhere Stufe

Ein Upgrade Ihres Kits ist mit unserem modularen System ein Kinderspiel!

Upgrades Demnächst verfugbar

We've launched a completely new lineup of Kits in November 2018. We will offer Upgrades for these new Kits. We will also offer Upgrades for customers of our legacy Kits (Go, Junior, Creator and Master Creator) to transition to the new lineup. The Upgrades will be available in 2019.

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FAQ Upgrades

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We at Infento love modularity. Every Kit we offer is created with it in mind. As your children grow, we want to enable you to continue building cool new creations. Sometimes you might want to build more than what your current Kit can offer. This is what the Upgrades are for. They make it possible to jump from one Kit to the next. You bought an Explorer Kit first and now your child wants to build and ride a large pedal go-kart? No problem! Just order an Upgrade to the Genius or the Legend Kit.

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Yes, you can! We are planning to offer the following upgrades in Q1 of 2019:

  • Explorer Kit to Smart Kit
  • Pioneer Kit to Smart Kit
  • Smart Kit to Genius Kit
  • Genius Kit to Legend Kit

Yes, you can! We are planning to offer the following upgrades in Q1 of 2019:

  • Go Kit to Explorer Kit
  • Junior Kit to Smart Kit
  • Creator Kit to Genius Kit
  • Master Creator Kit to Genius Kit
  • Master Creator Kit to Legend Kit

The ePulse ready rides can only be built with the new Kits. So, if you wish to electrify your Ride, you can choose to Upgrade to the Genius Kit and get an ePulse Add-on, or to the Legend Kit (with the ePulse System included in the Kit).

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Mail: support@infento.com