04 jun

Watch out Tesla, Infento went electric

Wouldn’t it be great if you could attach a real electric motor to your Infento ride? One that would give kids the feeling that they have their very own Tesla? Well… your wish is our command! Infento has developed a real electric motor. Introducing: the ePulse® electric motor.

Our own Infento electric motor, a challenge we wanted to take on. It was a completely new product for us and it needed to be developed from scratch. Every. Single. Part. We can be honest about it: the ePulse® was a tough nut to crack and it took a while to create the perfect result we aimed for. But we prefer to do all our endeavors constructive and extremely thorough, rather than fast and sloppy.

In 2015 we started this adventure and already produced a (very :)) rudimentary first prototype. Check out the picture below. Did it really work you wonder? You betcha!

The design sketches and testing phase

Ok, so that didn’t look super flashy and stylish yet. But hey, it was the first prototype. The start of Infento going electric! And as you might deduct from the looks of our rides, we love design. So for our ePulse® we insisted on getting a real Infento design.

Check out the first sketches:

In 2016 we were ready for the first actual test drives. We had a huge blast driving around, so we were convinced children would also love it.

Check out our video of the first ePulse® test by clicking the image below:

In the last shot you see us really racing with the electric motor. Whoa, can my kid do that on the streets? No, your little one has to wait for a driving license first! That was just us playing around :-). The electric motor you see in the test is more powerful than the one we offer as an Add-On for your Kit. The ePulse® has been especially designed for children. The maximum speed is set at a safe 7 mph (11 km/h). Enough for kids to have loads of fun with while driving around.

Our designers did not sit still and went for a next level design.

But there’s more than meets the eye… Below you can see what the internals of this prototype motor looked like.


The first real prototype:

You can see on the pictures that at this point it started to look like a motor indeed. The rectangular thing is the battery pack, not to be confused with a lunchbox.

At this phase we tested the final electronic configuration. We also validated the design on functionality and safety. This was before a certified body tested the ePulse® to make sure it meets safety standards. Preparing for these tests is a specifically challenging job. Why is that, you wonder? Well, it’s quite unique that a life size construction kit has an electric motor added. There is no existing reference for such a product. We’re completely unique. This had never been done before. That’s why it was a real puzzle to find out which rules and regulations exactly apply to our case.

It took about nine months from this stage to a completely finished ePulse®. Yes, that is the same amount of time it takes a human to give birth to new life. We are very proud of the final ePulse® product we have in our store now!

The final specs of the ePulse® System

We know there are a lot of techies amongst the Infento fans. So especially for this group we would like to share all the interesting specs of our electric motor. Let’s dive right in!

The brushless DC motor from the ePulse® System has two speed settings: turn the key to switch between 3 mph (5 km/h) and 7 mph (11 km/h). Open the throttle by twisting the handlebar, just like you do on a motorcycle. Reverse by pressing the button on the handlebar. The added protective belt shield will make sure your kid has a safe trip.

The motor comes with a 4 Ah lithium-ion battery that is modular, so it can be placed in various positions. It provides 60 minutes of continuous run time for your children’s adventures. After only 2 hours of charging they will be ready for the next tour.

Are you already the proud owner of an Infento Genius, Master or Christmas Edition Kits and you want some electric fun for your kids? Then the ePulse® Add-On is what you need. Check it out right here.

Not yet an Infento Kit owner but ready to be one? Our Legend Kit has the ePulse® System included! The Legend is our flagship Kit and offers the possibility to build one of 39(!) rides. Six of those rides are specifically designed to be used with the electric motor. Let your kids be the new Elon Musk and build a real electric vehicle together. Choose a go-kart, motorbike or even build the coolest Infento Hot Rod.

We have not forgotten about the Master Creator Kit owners. We have an Upgrade that will get you to the Legend Kit level in just one click. Of course the ePulse® System is also included in this Upgrade.