26 nov

Meet our new lineup!

Did you know… Infento became #1 most-funded STEM project on Kickstarter in 2018 and the #3 largest educational project ever?!

Missed out on our Kickstarter? Don’t worry! We now proudly present these new Kits in our store. In total there are 39 different rides and 3 brand new Systems waiting to be explored. 

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Great kinesthetic lessons

Infento empowers families to be real makers and spend more quality time together.

While enjoying building and playing together you will help your children develop important 21st century skills.

Our new models offer even more opportunities for kinesthetic learning. This means, essentially, “learning by doing”. Your kids will discover:

  • New ways of propulsion
  • Steering by using body weight
  • Moving hips and arms to go forward

Curious about all the new inventions? Read here what we have in store for you…👇

3 new Systems: smart and fun!

Are you ready for some serious drifting fun?! Our new small 4-inch wheels can swivel like caster wheels. This allows your kids to move in innovative ways. Each ride is fun and offers children a kinesthetic lesson into new ways of propulsion.

From drifting to swiveling, swaying and spinning. A high-tech composite bearing in the wheels ensures a smooth ride. The Driftlock® System makes it possible to control the wheels. Place some positioning blocks in the slots to lock them. This means the wheels won’t swivel if you don’t want them to, the choice is yours. Clever, isn’t it?


Our patent-pending lean-to-steer Stabilizr® System teaches children to use their body weight to steer in the desired direction.

Lean to the left, lean to the right and the ride will follow the lead. This clever innovation helps children develop coordination, balance, as well as learn about the center of gravity.

Take your creativity further (and faster) than ever before. Now your kids can be the new Elon Musk and build their own electric ride! Use our state-of-the-art ePulse® System to convert a pedal powered ride into a cool electric one. 

The brushless DC motor from the ePulse® System has two speed settings: switch the key to choose a speed of 3 mph (5 km/h) or 7 mph (11 km/u). Ready, set, go!


Let it rain, let it rain! Kids can have unlimited fun with Infento, even when the weather gets nasty. Simply take your ride indoors! 

With the new smaller models to choose from, you can still enjoy your Infento Kit even when it’s too cold or rainy to go outside.

Build together this summer!

Summer is the perfect season to create lasting, happy memories with your family. Infento hands you the tools: enjoy building while bonding.

Get outside to catch the fresh air and have lots of fun while building amazing creations together!

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Keep on riding,

Team Infento