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How to get your kids interested in engineering 😎

An Infento family in the spotlight

Today, it’s not Infento speaking.

This newsletter is all about an Infento family we would like to put in the spotlight. Meet Wes Crout and his daughters Ruby and Mira.

Last year, they backed our Kickstarter project and received Pioneer and Explorer Kits as a reward.

Wes shared some great pictures of the building process on his Instagram.

We were curious to know more about the family! So we got in touch with Wes…

About the Kits

Ruby is the proud owner of a Pioneer Kit and has built the Flowmotion. This Kit is suitable for kids aged 6-14 and allows you to choose from 7 rides!

Mira is currently enjoying the Rider from the Explorer Kit. The Kit is perfect for kids aged 0-8 and offers the possibility to build one of 14 rides.

Want to introduce your kids to engineering

Get yours now and start enjoying the spring together!

Keep on riding,
Team Infento