Too keen on the screen?

Screen time. It’s a difficult theme for almost any parent. This edition of the Modular Monthly newsletter gives you answers to important questions.What are the main worries parents like you have? How much time a day do kids actually spend staring at pixels? What are the warning signs to know if […]

The Infento Parenting Interview

We all want to be good parents for our kids.  Preferably the best in the world. Because we want the best for our children. At Infento we have plenty of mums and dads fulfilling key roles in our company. Parents just like you.  In this edition of the Modular Monthly, […]

Creative heroes building with Infento

Dear Infento fan, Welcome to the second edition of Infento’s Modular Monthly newsletter. This month we are highlighting the diversity of the children that build with our Kits, our creative heroes. Samuel Rüsch (42) works at a ‘special needs’ school in Switzerland. The school offers a learning environment for 25 […]